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Rafael - Suspense Writer

The images are sample representatives of the available genres. Clicking them will open the selected content. The categories are self-explanatory but 'Re-Makes' contains embarassingly bad images in need of a do over. Where I have in fact done one, it does make for interesting comparisons.

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Woman and Lion


Man Sees Dead Wife


Man Meets Dead Wife


Model in Sheer Top


Woman with Champagne


Sisters at Funeral


Lycan Corners Woman


Boy in Mens Club


Spartan Youth Training


Inviting Bartender


Two Erotic Woman


Woman Waits at Corner


Endymion Painting


Woman at Bath


Men Attacked by Demons


Womans Backside


Dimensional Dreams

Other World - Nov 2017

She spent her days in tedious boredom, impatient for the nights that brought him to her.

Dimensional Gate

Gate Keepers - Jun 2017

Angel's Children

Bonae Mater - May 2018

For every mother comes the moment when she must release her offspring that the world might benefit from her wisdom

Angel's Children

Araqiel - Oct 2017

Everyone thought metal band Araqiel's push of Satanism and demon worship harmless branding. It was no act.

Lucifer Ambushes Angels

Finis - Mar 2019

Lucifer had contemplated long and hard. The Creator permitted evil. Stood by and did nothing to stop it. Of a moment, the Archfiend made up his mind and ambushed the top Archangels: hung one, crippled two, ate their souls, then turned them into metal. The Deceiver unleashed the hordes and horrors of the Pit against an unsuspecting world. Their screams and cries, moans and wails formed the greatest symphony. Ragnarok had begun.

Dimensional Gate

Brooding - Nov 2018

Rezna hated ambuguity. Lately though she found herself paralyzed for hours, knowing she had to feed but unable to decide if man or woman.

Woman in Martial Art Pose

Cat - Sep 2019

Murphy demonstrates the legendary cat stance so named because of the way a cat steps forward with its leading leg.

Godiva Chased on Horseback

The Chase - Jun 2017

Godiva also worked the beaches.

Angel's Children

The Assessors - May 2017

A clandestine group who determine the world wide measurements for how tight women's jeans will fit.

Woman in Mood

Allure - Nov 2018

Garrett concentrated. Concentrated hard as he pressed against one of the world's most beautiful woomen.

Woman in Doorway

Approach - Nov 2018

She loved watching him walk down the hall, eyes aflame with desire.

Contrasted Lighting

Prologue - Nov 2018

A study in positional lighting.

A Daughters Quest

Disillusiion - Nov 2017

Long, hard years stretched from her father's death to this moment. "The Tree of Life is not legend." he had said. "Find it and you will know."Now, only dead wood lay before her.

Position Lighting

Epilogue - Nov 2018

A study in positional lighting.

Broken-hearted Man

Broken - May 2018

A man does not become a man until a woman breaks his heart.

Two Kids at Sepulchre

Child's Play - Aug 2019

"I want to go home." "We can't, Jimmy. We accepted the dare."

Woman Posed Before Another

Admirers - Jul 2018

Shiloh loves the looks playing across an admirers's face.

Woman in Light and Shadow

Angular - Jun 2019

Isn't it emarkable how the light/shadow angle is so perfectly positioned?

Woman Before Alien Landscape

Three Pillars - Dec 2016

The fourth 3D image I created.

Four Flamenco Dancers

Andalusia - Feb 2019


Model wearing Greek loincloth

Aspro - Jan 2019

Aspro is the Greek word for white.

Model Posed in Studio

Arm's Length - Jan 2019

The art of curvature.

Model Posed in Studio

Balancing Act - May 2018

Attention, ladies. And some men. Flynn is a professional model. Do not attempt this at home while wearing heels.

Model Posed in See-Through

Barely - Nov 2017

As in 'barely there'. Yeah, it was tough titling this one.

Two Women Interlude

Seated - Sep 2018

Here's looking at ya! I know. Couldn't resist it.

Model Posed Before Window

Bay Window - Dec 2016

Model Posed in Bay Window

Bay Window II - Jan 2017

Woman Posed Before Window

Bay Window III - May 2019

Woman on Fire Escape

Air Cooled - Apr 2019

The fire escape: a time-honored NYC air conditioner.

Women Posed Before Eifel Tower

Bon Jour - Nov 2017

Three generations of Wireframe models. Daiyu(L-Genesis 3), Delilah(M-Genesis 8), Alina(R-Genesis 2).

Stud Posed on Motorcycle

Biker Boy - Apr 2017

A small give back to the ladies and some of the boys (tee hee).

Stud Posed on Motorcycle

Blarney - Mar 2018

Three lasses decked out in their St Patrick's Day finest.

Woman Posed with Sports Car

Boy Toy - Aug 2018

Two hours after this shot, Delilah got her first speeding ticket.

Assassins Prepare for Hit

Brandi and Carl - May 2019

Here he comes. Ready?

A Relaxing Bedtime Tea

Chamomile - Nov 2018

A long day comes to an end.

Exhausted Model

Burnt - Feb 2019

A long day comes to an end.

Model in Studio Pose

Clingy - Jun 2018

Gallery Crew at Christmas

Christmas 2017 - Nov 2018

The Gallery Crew.

A Child Hangs a Stocking

Christmas Little - Dec 2018

As a little girl, Delilah loved hanging a stocking.

Grownup Hangs a Stocking

Christmas Big - Dec 2018

Still does.

Woman Has Her Cigar Lit

Anxiety - Oct 2019

He noticed!

Models Posed in Tandem

Cranes - Apr 2019

A study in Hi-Key lighting.

Models in Sexy Pose

Cranny - Feb 2019

Never know what's hiding in one.

Colr Lighting Exercise

Aflame - Sep 2019

An exercise in Color Lighting.

Two Models Posed

Charmers - Sep 2019

An exercise in Color Lighting.

Woman putting on Makeup

Canvas - Aug 2019

Like painting on a canvas.

Woman in Cloud Porch

Cloud Patio - Jun 2017

Keenya's 1st shoot.

Model Posed in Chair

Arm Chair - Apr 2018

Keenya also beautifies sofas.

Model in Kate Moss Pose

Ivy League - Nov 2018

Keenya rocks a Kate Moss pose.

Model Posed in Library

Clue - Sep 2018

Miss Scarlett, in the library, with the killer dress.

Model Posed on Stairway

Going Commando - Jun 2019

As in daring, adventurous, unafraid.

Woman putting on Makeup

Cosmetic - Apr 2019

The best boyfriends are patient ones.

Woman Reclining on Couch

Couch Potato - Apr 2018

Beautiful Irish Lass

Danny Girl - Apr 2018

For my fine Irish friends.

Woman in Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress - Jan 2019

The classic must for every wardrobe.

Guy Selfies Giirlfriend

Ablution - Sep 2017

Women who have boyfriends understand a sense of humor is essential.

Woman in Blue Spotlight

Azure - Sep 2017

Blue is the new hawt.

Woman on Fire Escape

Bar Fly - Apr 2019

Ex-stripper, Delilah, saved her dollar bills, bought a bar, and never strayed far from her roots.

Woman on Fire Escape

Candle Light - Sep 2017

Boy, Keenya. Those are some big-ass candles.

Woman Posed with Champagne

Bubbly - Aug 2018

The champagne. Definitely not Alexia.

Woman Eating Banana

Delicious - Sep 2017

What is that sly grin, Alina?

Men Jump to Light Cigarette

Coterie - Sep 2019

Women don't realize how powerful they are until they get married.

Couple Ride Bareback

Bareback - Apr 2018

Biker chicks have a tradition extending far back in time.

Sisters at Funeral

Ascension - May 2018

Tension filled the castle. One question whispered along its corridors. Which sister would survive to ascension?

Assassin Enters Window

Assassin - Dec 2016

The 6th 3D image I created.

Father repares fr Battle

Call to Duty - Dec 2016

A father prepares for battle.

A Call to Battle

Call to Arms - Dec 2016

We succeeded in walling ourselves off from evolution but not natural selection.

Warriors Ride to Battle

Battle Ride - Dec 2016

Horses in battle lasted centuries until Polish cavalry charged German panzers.

Warriors Battle Demon

Battle Cry - Jun 2018

Together they battled across barbarian lands until a demon separated them.

Excalibur Embedded

Embedded - Jan 2019

With one grip, a legend was born.

Sorceress on Chess Board

Sorcerer's Chess - Apr 2018

Corridor of Warrior Statues

The Book - Jul 2019

Lomin turned the corner and stepped through the chamber's entrance. Inside, just as the book had predicted, stood four lifelike statues of warrior maidens belonging to a bygone age. Their gold inlays and trim hinted at the wealth hidden within. The old man had been a fool, he thought. Had no idea of the book's worth and yet refused to sell it. Now he would have eternity to contemplate if a knife through the heart was a better bargain. Ahead, the corridor forked. Which one? He opened the book and turned a leaf. Eyes bulged as sentence after sentence faded from the page. Frozen lungs stopped breathing. Behind him stone cracked and crackled. An unsheathing sword hissed.

Man's Daughter Promoted

Succession - Aug 2018

Renk could barely contain himself. About to retire, pride threatened to burst his heart from its moorings. The Queen's new Champion wasn't as strong as the men but she was strong enough. She had lightning reflexes and the sword went exactly where she looked. It made her deadly . . . and his daughter.

Warriors Bargain for Sword

The Bazaar - Aug 2018

"It is a magnificent sword made of Tamahagane steel mined in the Yamato province of Japan and fired in the forges of the master himself: Amakuni Yasutsuna. It will not break, will not shatter, and will slice through armor and leather." In Rhesakur, east of Cimmeria, the city that birthed the warrior maidens who roamed the Middle Kingdom, shopkeepers and sellers did not present exaggerated claims. Those who did risked immediate forfeiture of life.

Woman Bow Hunter in Woods

Bow Hunter - Aug 2019

At night, the hunted have two legs.

Woman Encased in Sorcery

Cursed - Oct 2017

She had designs on the wizard. Until his wife found out.

Demoness Reflects

Brooding - Aug 2019

It had become tiresome. Every night at feeding time she debated male or female.

Man Sells Soul to Devil

The Deal - Jun 2018

He'd sold his soul for wealth, fame, and power. Now the bill had come due.

Woman and Demon Lover

After Glow - Jul 2018

it is a place of ancient whispers and dark enchantments. Of sorcery and devilry. And magic. The old kind that unfurls from the fingertips. Where witches cast spells and summon forth demon lovers.

Man Approaches Demoness

Pretense - Apr 2019

He'd met her only hours before and now she sat naked on his couch. Jason crossed the room; desire tingled every nerve. His ardor died when a tail wiggled into view. Something was wrong. Something was very wrong.

Vampyr Closes on Female

Predator - Apr 2018

Ladies. When showering, please don't forget to close the doors.

Jack the Ripper

Jack - Jul 2019

Jack licked his lips and stepped from the shadows. The street's wooden planks creaked beneath the soft leather of his shoes. She turned and gave him a smile. An inviting smile. Jack had no idea the brothel of his fifth victim had sent their own psychopath. Jack was never found. Because there is no Jack left to find.

Comforting a Dying Friend

Aftermath - Oct 2017

Comforting a dying friend.

Demons Flock to Feed

The Gathering - Aug 2017

Sleep had commenced and the gathering began. Soon they would feed.

Demon Realtor

Homebound - Oct 2018

"Honey? Honey where are you? This isn't funny anymore." How could they have suspected the Real Estate Agent who sold them their dream home.

Vampire and Werwolf conflict

Back Alley - May 2017

An ancient need and an ancient war.

Woman Hunts with Panthers

Ambush - Apr 2018

In the jungle, beasts don't always have four legs.

Werwolf Stalks Woman

Back Yard - May 2017

Power is out, cell towers down, and a Werwolf shows up.

Woman Desires Werewolf

Beastial - Jun 2017

Lust overcomes many things. Even fear.

Woman Lies in Wait

Beast - Jan 2019

A clawed hand reached the corner, tentative, probing. Surely it has detected my scent, Natalya thought. She tensed. Her moment had arrived. For retribution. For vengeance. Jaw muscles stretched as fangs emerged. Fingers twitched from sprouting claws. A cold breath whispered past hushed lips. "Come, Iakko. I am your fate."

Woman Confronts Feeding Vampyr

Caught - Dec 2017

Dimensional Gate

Brooding - Nov 2018

Rezna hated ambuguity. Lately though she found herself paralyzed for hours. Knowing she had to feed. Unable to decide if man or woman.

Woman Unaware of Werewolf

Heedless - Jun 2018

Demoness Fondles Skull

The Collector - Jan 2019

It always made for a sentimental moment. Each of her paramours had been unique and distinct. Differences lost in the sameness of their skulls.

Man and Dragon Intersect

The Collision - Dec 2018

Coren stepped outside careful to place his feet and make no sound. If it was that prowler again, this time he would face the blade.

Iaka's silent footfall belied her ponderous bulk. Human scent filled her nostrils. She stepped closer, wanted to capture it alive. Her young needed to learn the chase. And eat.

Man Corners Werewolf

Damnation - Apr 2017

An early piece.

Man Corners Werewolf

Cornered - Jul 2017

Man chases Wer until caught.

Pizza Delivery Error

Extra Ruse - Feb 2018

I'm afraid you misheard the apartment again. 5D is down the hall.

Demons Emerge from Elevator

Appeal - Mar 2018

Somehow it comforts me greatly to know even fanged, demon-warriors detest lawyers.

Boys Ogling Bikini Girls

Adolesence - Sep 2017

Maturation takes a while.

Adult Film Audition

2nd Thoughts - Dec 2017

Steady, lads, steady. Buck up now.

Woman Gives Man CLothing Option

Binary - Feb 2018

Vivienne had complete confidence in Garrett's taste. Whatever he chose, she wore the opposite.

Assorted Ghouls Play Chess

Chess Club - Jun 2018

It remains an open question exactly where the Strigoi have their mating apparatus.

Tarzan's Mistresses

Circling - Mar 2018

In a disastrous mixup, Tarzan's mistresses arrive at the same place, at the same time.

Woman Caged by Demon

Wrong Movie - Dec 2016

Wait. You're not King Kong!

Dragon Attacks Couple

City Life - Jun 2017

In NYC, rats are not the only problem.

Bat Hiding in Closet

Closeted - Jan 2018

Ironically, five months earlier Jeannie came out of the closet.

3 Women in Coffee Cup

Black, Two Sugars - Jan 2019

Are you sure this is latte?

2 Assassins - Same Target

Collegiality - May 2018

"Daiyu? Haven't seen you in a while." "Hi, Miranda. Yeah, I needed some me time. How's the family?" Everyone's well, thank God. You here for Dan Forbes too?" "No, his wife."

Templar Accusers

Accused - Oct 2018

I counsel caution, Sire."
"Caution? They've accused me of debauchery. With my sister!"
"Indeed, brother. Such impudence cannot go unpunished."
"Sire. The army is in Solasti. All you have is the castle garrison and court guards."
"There's two of them!"
"They're Templars, Sire."

Athenian King and Cohorts

Bath House - Dec 2016

It's good to be the King.

Man Offers Wine

Bath House - Dec 2016

Good manners are a good opening.

Achilles and Achilettes

Achilles - Jan 2018

For those whose hair just ignited, no. This is not a historically accurate portrayal.

Achilles and Mother

Akylos - Feb 2019

It is left to us, the descendants of time immemorial, to imagine a moment in the world of history's greatest warrior birthed by the goddess, Thetis. Countless many who saw her son did not survive it.

Battle Of Troy Dawns

Troy - Mar 2019

Dawn had begun to splinter the night but only crackling flames disturbed the stillness. He raised his face to once more greet the sunrise. In the pre-dawn light, he had briefed his five commanders: Phoenix, Eudorus, Peisander, Menesthius, Alcimedon, good men all. Horns would sound the final assault as he charged the ramparts. Though many had fallen to the savage arc of his sword, he remembered none of them. Except Hector. How many more would fall today? Achilles reached down to rub his heel. It ached.

Spartan Youth Training

Agoge - Feb 2018

Spartan Youth Training (ah GOH gee, rhymes with doggie): You have been cast into the wild for one year. Given a burlap cloth, no food, no cell phone. Snow has begun to fall.

Barkeep Invites an Order

Barkeep - May 2018

Hi! What can I do for you.

Woman Sitting in Park

Evaluator - May 2019

Vivienne takes a break from the morning's hectic shopping to see what else she can bring home.

Man Attempts Pickup

Bavarian Treat - Feb 2018

No thanks. I'm waiting for Uber.

Woman Faces Home Invasion

2nd Amendment - Mar 2017

Protect women. Arm them!

Woman Gift Wrapped

Gift Wrap - Apr 2018

Woman in Drivers Seat

Fast - Dec 2018

Yeah. The car's fast. But I'm faster.

Woman in Gift Box

Gift Box - Dec 2018

3 Women Posed Nude

Three of a Kind - Apr 2018

Always beats a pair.

Woman Adjusts Her Top

Adjustment - Aug 2019

Sometimes a girl just needs a shift and a tug.

Two Women and a Hot Tub

Bath de Deux - Jan 2019

Woman Admires her Lover

Bed Room - Dec 2016

Anticipation: the greatest aphrodisiac.

Two Entangled Nude Women.

Bonded - Apr 2018

Woman Fixated on Lover

Bed Room II - Jan 2017

Woman Posed in Open Window

Bent - Oct 2018

An offhand afterthought I posted to a website for 3D imagers. Much to my astonishment, it has garnered more views than any other.

Woman Shopping for Lingerie

Boutique - Dec 2017

Shopping at Veronica's Secret

Woman in Wind Blown Scarf

Blown Away - May 2018

What a fortunate and random gust of wind!

Man With fast Car and Woman

Hurried - Sep 2019

Five minutes from home and nirvana, Jason got pulled over for speeding.

Man Rushes Home

Breakneck - Mar 2019

Jason's colleagues called him 'Breakneck' for the speed with which he left work at day's end.

Fast Woman in Fast Car

Fast - Sep 2019

The car is fast but Im faster.

Woman in Bedroom Doorway

Brazen - Dec 2016

Shiloh loves being admired.

Woman Posed in Bedroom

Brazen II - Jan 2017

Especially close up.

Woman Posed at Foot of Bed

Brazen III - May 2017

Or from anywhere, actually.

Woman in Marketing Campaign

Branded - Jan 2018

The hallmark of a successful marketing campaign is product placement.

Semi-Nude Man at Window

Showing Off - Jun 2017

After a month, Shirley springs for binoculars.

Exotic Dancer on Pole

Centered - Aug 2018

Note how Alexia quiets males into focused stillness.

Model in Jail Cell

Confined - Sep 2018

Confining Delilah just makes her defiant.

Woman Awaits Lover's Return

The Present - Mar 2018

Dejection gripped Jason as he pushed open the door to his apartment. His birthday and he hadn't heard a word from his girlfriend.

Man Uncloths Woman

Denuded - May 2019

Passion's throes.

Woman Notches Another Lover

Conquest - Jul 2017

What is the female version of a cad?

Woman Scratches Woman

Itch - Sep 2019

A little to the left. A little more. Down. Ahhhh.

Woman Perched on Dining Table

Irresistable - Sep 2019

Care for an after-dinner mint?

Nude Woman in B&W

Exposed - Oct 2018

Initially, I wanted to title this piece 'Double Exposure' but that seemed just a bit too trite.

Woman Strolls Alley

Alley Cat - Aug 2019

Alleys and solitary females are not a good mix. Shame on us.

Woman on Balcony

Boundaries - Aug 2019

This piece received criticism (rightly) for the building in the background being a distraction. I strive to learn and in the meantime present my imagery warts and all.

Model Duplicating Photo

Alter Ego - Oct 2019

Two Woman Posed in Seat

Fingertips - May 2018

Their hands defined them. Always touching. Never a grip.

Nude Woman by Fireplace

Hands - May 2018

Her wait had no time to become impatience. He emerged from the gloom and foliage, his stride strong and confident. She felt his power penetrate her chest, pounding her heart until breathing became an act of will. He leaned toward her, eyes twinkling with a warm gleam. A ghost of a smile creased his lips. "Ciao, bella."

Remake of Hands

Hands Redux - Aug 2018

A subtle lighting change to the original.

Flamenco Dancer

Bailaora - Dec 2018

The image's title is the specific and unique name given in Spain for female Flamenco dancers (Bailaor for males). All other dancers are given the generic 'bailarin'.

Flamenco Dancer

Bailaora - Dec 2018

Here I came to realize I am not yet skilled enough to capture the movement of dance in a still.

Flamenco Dancer

Bailaora - Dec 2018

So I instead focused on its passion.

Nude Women Bathed in Light

Bathed - May 2018

Are females as art an objectification?

Matchmaker Introduces Couple

Chiaroscuro - Aug 2018

The wall painting (The Matchmaker - Gerard van Hanthorst) is an archetype for chiaroscuro lighting perfected during the Renaissance.

Woman Posed in Light Halo

Chroma - Oct 2018

Women Posed in Nude Circle

Connectivity - Aug 2018

A homage to female supportiveness.

Women Finds Context

Context - Aug 2019

Give problems what the grand vastness of the universe has: context.

Woman Enters Club

Friday 2066 - Sep 2017

In 2066, parallel parking is a long-forgotten skill.

Dragon Whisperer

Ganymede - Sep 2017

In a stunning announcement, the Jovian Moons have added Miranda Logan to the staff thus cementing their position as the Solar System's premier kennels. Let's listen in, shall we, on this legendary whisperer."Hey! Stop sniffing his butt. Get over here."

Woman Offers Man Ride

23 Shades of Pink - Mar 2018

Hmmm, he thought. On Time. Chauffered air car. Provocative dress. This could be interest- ing. Garrett had no idea just how interesting things were about to get.

Woman Boards Spaceship

The Natural - Nov 2018

"Are you sure?" "Yes, Commander. Sensors confirm it." "Impressive. I've never encountered a natural, unenhanced female."

Child Enslaved by Aliens

Betrayal - Oct 2017

The Romanticists had finally destroyed Earth's weapons of war and dismantled its armies. For two centuries the world knew peace and prosperity. Then the Morphans dropped from orbit.

Captured Alien on Spaceship

Weight of Command - May 2018

"It's a sentient species, your Highness. Won't you reconsider?" "It sneaked aboard my ship, Captain. Three crew members are dead. Kill it."

Scene From 2001

Monolith - Dec 2017

For the masters Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick.

Spacer Jumps Thru Wormhole

Sought - Sep 2018

"The time is short and the need critical. Are you Daemor? Speak! Are you Daemor?"

Earth's Power Grid Fails

Power - Jul 2018

Across the globe, nation after nation confirmed the presence of a massive object in orbit. Then the power went out.

Women Run From Alien

Container - Feb 2017

On a spaceship, there's nowhere to run.

Women Activate Wormhole

Worm - Feb 2017

Only activate.

Spacers Appear in Family Rooom

Transported - Feb 2017

Then jump.

Demon-Caged Woman

Cistern - Oct 2017

If anyone knows what's going on here, please let me know.

Angel Flies Past Couple

Half Mile Club - Feb 2018

This should have been left up in the air.

Man Rescues Caged Woman

Grit - Mar 2018

The less I say about this mess, the better.

Ancient Greek Bathhouse

Bath House - Dec 2016

What's the focus? The bath house or the characters? The question illustrates the problem.

Assassin vs Assassin

Boomerang - Oct 2017

An assassin unaware his target's sister is an assassin. Great concept, pitiful execution.

Scene from the Carmen Opera

Carmen - Jun 2018

Carmen staged in the nude? Whatever.

Assassin Ambushes Intruder

Collateral Damage - Jun 2018

Almost but not quite.

Man Pours Bourbon

Bourbon - Feb 2018

Woman Posed Topless

Aqua - Jan 2019

Woman in Sheer Scarf

Contrast - Nov 2018

Woman Bathes Nude

Bath Noir - Mar 2019

Across the way on the 88th floor, male staffers have invested in binoculars.

Woman Posed before Cracked Wall

Cracked - Dec 2018

Alina is a touchy feely kind of gal.

Woman Posed in Armchair

Cozy - Nov 2018

That shawl made Keenya a little...warm.

Woman's Breast through a glass

Curvatures - Dec 2018

Nude Woman Posed on Dais

Dais - Feb 2019