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Nude Woman in B&W

Exposed - Oct 2018

Initially, I wanted to title this piece 'Double Exposure' but that seemed just a bit too trite.

Woman Strolls Alley

Alley Cat - Aug 2019

Alleys and solitary females are not a good mix. Shame on us.

Woman on Balcony

Boundaries - Aug 2019

This piece received criticism (rightly) for the building in the background being a distraction. I strive to learn and in the meantime present my imagery warts and all.

Model Duplicating Photo

Alter Ego - Oct 2019

Men Jump to Light Cigarette

Coterie - Sep 2019

Women don't realize how powerful they are. Until they get married.

Nude Woman Asleep

Goodnight - Nov 2018

Woman Sitting at Bar

Puffer - Aug 2019

Sometimes cigarettes are deal breakers. Sometimes they're not.

Hedy Lamarr Pose

Lamarr - May 2019

A pose inspired by one of classic Hollywood's most beautiful women.

Woman Negotiator

The Offer - Aug 2019

Find those responsible and you can have me. Take it or leave it.

Hedy Lamarr Pose

Draped - Mar 2020

Female in Spartan Helmet

Draped - Sep 2019

Human nature being what it is, I imagine sometime, somewhere, a daughter or little sister, when no one was looking, put on a helmet and...dreamed.