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Woman Shows off Boyfriend

Flaunt - Jul 2019

Some of Alexia's girlfriends didn't believe her.

Woman in Drivers Seat

Fast - Dec 2018

Yeah. The car's fast. But I'm faster.

Woman in Gift Box

Gift Box - Dec 2018

For the man who has almost everything.

3 Women Posed Nude

Three of a Kind - Apr 2018

Always beats a pair.

Woman Adjusts Her Top

Adjustment - Aug 2019

Sometimes a girl just needs a shift and a tug.

Two Women and a Hot Tub

Bath de Deux - Jan 2019

Woman Admires her Lover

Bed Room - Dec 2016

Anticipation: the greatest aphrodisiac.

Two Entangled Nude Women.

Bonded - Apr 2018

Woman Fixated on Lover

Bed Room II - Jan 2017

Woman Posed in Open Window

Bent - Oct 2018

An offhand afterthought I posted to a website for 3D imagers. Much to my astonishment, it has garnered more views than any other.

Seductive Woman in Garden

Garden Spot - Apr 2017

Something about her garden, the air, the heat, the foliage, made Keenya feel...savage.

Woman in Wind Blown Scarf

Blown Away - May 2018

What a fortunate and random gust of wind!

Man With fast Car and Woman

Hurried - Sep 2019

Five minutes from home and nirvana, Jason got pulled over for speeding.

Woman Scratches Woman

Itch - Sep 2019

A little to the left. A little more. Down. Ahhhh.

Man Rushes Home

Breakneck - Mar 2019

Jason's colleagues called him 'Breakneck' for the speed with which he left work at day's end.

Woman in Bedroom Doorway

Brazen - Dec 2016

Shiloh loves being admired.

Woman Posed in Bedroom

Brazen II - Jan 2017

Especially close up.

Woman Posed at Foot of Bed

Brazen III - May 2017

Or from anywhere, actually.

Woman in Marketing Campaign

Branded - Jan 2018

The hallmark of a successful marketing campaign is product placement.

Semi-Nude Man at Window

Showing Off - Jun 2017

After a month, Shirley springs for binoculars.

Exotic Dancer on Pole

Centered - Aug 2018

Note how Alexia quiets males into focused stillness.

Model in Jail Cell

Confined - Sep 2018

Confining Delilah just makes her defiant.

Woman Awaits Lover's Return

The Present - Mar 2018

Dejection gripped Jason as he pushed open the door to his apartment. On his birthday, he hadn't heard a word from his girlfriend.

Man Uncloths Woman

Denuded - May 2019

Passion's throes.

Woman Notches Another Lover

Conquest - Jul 2017

What is the female version of a cad?

Two Woman Prepare to Bathe

Disrobe - Jul 2019

Woman Perched on Dining Table

Irresistable - Sep 2019

Care for an after-dinner mint?

Woman Sitting in Doorway

Door Stop - Jan 2019

That outfit also stops hearts.

Woman Greets in Doorway

Entry - Aug 2019

Uh oh, Garrett thought. Something's up.

One Woman Welcomes Another

Double Take - Oct 2019

Keesana wanted to make a grand entrance. Shelby wanted to give a warm welcome.

Catwoman as Stripper

Clandestine - Aug 2019

The perfect disguise. Catwoman's other job

Woman Wakes Lover

Good Morning - Jan 2018

Woman Behind Sheer Sheet

Hamlet - Feb 2018

Are you sure you have to leave?

Woman in Sheer Cover

Hand Held - Jan 2018

Woman Posed as Photo

Illusory - Sep 2019

The disappearing gap between real and digital

Woman Taken as Submissive

Harnessed - Nov 2017

Woman Takes Man Upstairs

la Chambre - May 2018

Who says women can't lead?

Woman Grabbed by the Hair

Manned - Mar 2019

Two Women in Joint Pose

Mated - Jan 2018

Woman Sends Selfie

Modernity - Feb 2019

Female Pole Dancer

Meow - Oct 2018

Woman in Moonlight

Moon Child - Feb 2018

Two Women in Moonlight

Moon Children - Feb 2018

Two-Woman Seduction

Tension - Jan 2020

Woman Seen Through Window

Peep - Dec 2018

Woman in Off Shoulder Robe

Masked - Feb 2020