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Two Nudes in Seat

Fingertips - May 2018

Their hands defined them. Always touching. Never a grip.

Two Woman Posed in Seat

Fingertips - Oct 2018

Two Models Posed in Seat

Fingertips - Sep 2022

Nude Woman by Fireplace

Hands - May 2018

Her wait had no time to become impatience. He emerged from the gloom and foliage, his stride strong and confident. She felt his power penetrate her chest, pounding her heart until breathing became an act of will. He leaned toward her, eyes twinkling with a warm gleam. A ghost of a smile creased his lips. "Ciao, bella."

Remake of Hands

Hands Redux - Aug 2018

A subtle lighting change to the original.

Nude Women Bathed in Light

Bathed - May 2018

Are females as art an objectification?

Flamenco Dancer

Bailaora - Dec 2018

The image's title is the specific and unique name given in Spain for female Flamenco dancers (Bailaor for males). All other dancers are given the generic 'bailarin'.

Flamenco Dancer

Bailaora - Dec 2018

Here I came to realize I am not yet skilled enough to capture the movement of dance in a still.

Flamenco Dancer

Bailaora - Dec 2018

So I instead focused on its passion

Modern Dance Pair

Pas De Deux - Sep 2019

Models Posed Intertwined

Hung - Aug 2018

Modern Dance Pair II

Pas De Deux - May 2021

A Dancer's Pose

Ballet - Nov 2021

Opera Dying Swan

Flutter - Jul 2019

An homage to Swan Lake

A Dancer's Flight

Arabesque - Dec 2021

Women Posed in Nude Circle

Connectivity - Aug 2018

A homage to female supportiveness

Matchmaker Introduces Couple

Chiaroscuro - Aug 2018

The wall painting (The Matchmaker - Gerard van Hanthorst) is an archetype for chiaroscuro lighting perfected during the Renaissance

Remake of 1759 Painting

Sleeping Endymion - Mar 2019

A recreation of a 1759 masterpiece by Nicolas-Guy Brenet

Woman Posed Before Photographers

Frontage - Apr 2019

Woman Posed in Light Halo

Chroma - Oct 2018

Woman Posed in See-Through Top

Gossamer - Jul 2019

Women Finds Context

Context - Aug 2019

Give problems what the grand vastness of the universe has: context

Model Posed with Pole

Elongated - Aug 2018

Model Re-Posed with Pole

Elongated - Dec 2020

Model Posed on Chair

Redlight District - Feb 2019

One Woman Hushes Another

Hush - Jul 2018

Couple About to Kiss

Quavering - Sep 2019

You know that moment. When lights are about to flash and explode.

Two Woman in Lingerie

Intimates - Jun 2019

Model posed to Highlight Lips

Kissable - Apr 2018

Model Reflects on Apple

Lamentation - Jul 2019

It all began with an apple

Model Posed Behind Ladder

Rungs - Jun 2020

Model In Studio

Photogenic - Dec 2019

Model In Studio Update

Photogenic II - Jun 2020

Gypsy Woman

Gitana - May 2021

Spaniard Status

Senorita - Sep 2022

Veiled Woman

Blessed - Apr 2022

Discordant Image Parts

Disconnnect - Feb 2021

Model Posed Behind Man

Boo! - Mar 2021

Exhausted Angel

Tired - Dec 2020

An Angel's work is never done

Color Combinations

Coloration - Mar 2022

Yellow and blue lights illuminate the scene and as we all learned in kindergarten, yellow plus blue equals...

Leggy Woman Spotlighted

Encircled - Oct 2021

Model Right-Angle Posed

Geometric - Feb 2022

Woman in Handcuffs

Bound - Feb 2022

British Dramatic Series

Peaky Blinders - Jun 2022

A homage to the powerful and compelling dramatic series that I consider a British cinematic tour de force. In a world of politically correct sensitivities and snowflake pajama boys, they have not forgotten what it means to have balls. Order it, Thomas!

Ballet Dancers Ape Painting

Ramshackle - Mar 2022

Fallen Angel

Fallen - May 2022