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Angel's Children

The Assessors - May 2017

A clandestine group who determine the world wide measurements for how tight women's jeans will fit.

Woman in Mood

Allure - Nov 2018

Woman in Doorway

Approach - Nov 2018

She loved watching him walk toward her, eyes aflame with desire.

Contrasted Lighting

Prologue - Nov 2018

A study in positional lighting.

A Daughters Quest

Disillusiion - Nov 2017

Long, hard years stretched from her father's death to this moment. "The Tree of Life is not legend." he had said. "Find it and you will know." Now, only dead wood lay before her.

Position Lighting

Epilogue - Nov 2018

A study in positional lighting.

Broken-hearted Man

Broken - May 2018

A man does not become a man until a woman breaks his heart.

Man Contemplates Loss

Penultimate - Jun 2018

Two Kids at Sepulchre

Child's Play - Aug 2019

"I want to go home." "We can't, Jimmy. We accepted the dare."

Woman Mourns Fallen Warrior

Fallen - Nov 2017, update Dec 2022

One word describes the Burgundy Throne's relationships: short.

Woman Comforts Mare

Females - Jun 2017

Woman Looks Out from Tool Shed

Inside Out - Sep 2019

Woman Leaning on Motorcycle

Leaners - Jul 2022

Woman's Lakeside Snooze

Lunar Laze - Feb 2018

Lovers Dancing

Embraced - Sep 2020

They were meant to be. Knew from the moment each laid eyes on the other. Time passed only when they were apart. Dance became a metaphor for their love. When embraced, they moved together, in unison. As one.

Woman Enters Bar

Trouble - Feb 2018

Why I took her call I'll never know. Didn't need the money. Certainly not the work. Her silk-smooth, purring voice hooked me. Sure did. But when the doors opened I knew trouble had walked in. The kind of trouble followed by bullets.

Woman Enters Bar

Trouble II - Updated Dec 2020

Woman Drinking Alone

Nightcap- Jan 2021

Maybe two

Woman in Fedora

House Call - May 2021

Model in Minimal Set

Sparse - July 2022

Two Women Affectionately Close

Dreamy - July 2021

3 People Looking

Lookers - July 2022

Keesana is looking for just the right Italian vintage. Finley is looking at her man with new eyes. Diego is, well, looking.

Woman Asleep

LaLaLand - May 2021

Female Mercenaries

Out Takers - Mar 2022

Hooker Room

Redlight District - Sep 2022