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Nude Woman in B&W

Exposed - Oct 2018

Initially, I wanted to title this piece 'Double Exposure' but that seemed just a bit too trite.

Woman Strolls Alley

Alley Cat - Aug 2019

Alleys and solitary females are not a good mix. Shame on us.

Woman on Balcony

Boundaries - Aug 2019

This piece received criticism (rightly) for the building in the background being a distraction. I strive to learn and in the meantime present my imagery warts and all.

Nude Woman Asleep

Goodnight - Nov 2018

Woman Sitting at Bar

Puffer - Aug 2019

Sometimes cigarettes are deal breakers. Sometimes they're not.

Nude Woman Backside

Horizontal - Mar 2021

Woman in BW Studio Shoot

Profiled - Sep 2019

Woman in BW Updated

Profiled - Dec 2020

Hedy Lamarr Pose

Lamarr - May 2019

A pose inspired by one of classic Hollywood's most beautiful women.

Men Jump to Light Cigarette

Coterie - Sep 2019

Women don't realize how powerful they are. Until they get married.

Portrait Closeup

Focused - Feb 2020

The mirrors to the soul

Female in Spartan Helmet

Draped - Sep 2019

Human nature being what it is, I imagine sometime, somewhere, a daughter or little sister, when no one was looking, put on a helmet and...dreamed.

Woman Negotiator

The Offer - Aug 2019

Find those responsible and you can have me. Take it or leave it.

Hedy Lamarr Pose

Draped - Mar 2020

Woman Under Street Lamp

11pm - Sep 2019

Everyone agreed she had to call him. Who else could help? "Meet me at Beech and 4th." he said. "Wear something sexy."

Sexy? Did he know her? Know what she did? Well, she could do sexy. Even on this wretched corner. She was desperate and needed help. God, she needed help.

Woman with Bangs Hairstyle

Bangs - Feb 2021

Woman in Gritty Warehouse

Tough - Aug 2020

Model Partially Obscured

Obscured - Jul 2021

Woman Before Veiled Window

Veiled - Jun 2021

Mirrored Model

Double Vision - Feb 2022

Model Seated Before Scenic Window

Slumming - Nov 2021

Model Duplicating Photo

Alter Ego - Oct 2019

Embraced Couple

Heartfelt - Sep 2022