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Woman in Martial Art Pose

Cat - Sep 2019

Murphy demonstrates the legendary cat stance so named because of the way a cat steps forward with its leading leg.

Dimensional Dreams

Other World - Nov 2017

She spent her days in tedious boredom, impatient for the nights that brought him to her.

Dimensional Gate

Gate Keepers - Jun 2017

Lucifer Ambushes Angels

Finis - Mar 2019

Lucifer had contemplated long and hard. The Creator permitted evil. Stood by and did nothing to stop it. Of a moment, the Archfiend made up his mind and ambushed the top Archangels: hung one, crippled two, ate their souls, then turned them into metal.

The Deceiver unleashed the hordes and horrors of the Pit against an unsuspecting world. Their screams and cries, moans and wails formed the greatest symphony. Ragnarok had begun.

Angel's Children

Araqiel - Oct 2017

Everyone thought metal band Araqiel's push of Satanism and demon worship harmless branding. It was no act.

An Angel Tempts Another

Despoiler - Aug 2018

"Don't do it, Jason! She'll despoil you."

Dimensional Gate

Brooding - Nov 2018

Rezna hated ambuguity. Lately though she found herself paralyzed for hours, knowing she had to feed but unable to decide if man or woman.

Godiva Chased on Horseback

The Chase - Jun 2017

Godiva also worked the beaches.

Angel's Children

Bonae Mater - May 2018

For every mother comes the moment when she must release her offspring that the world might benefit from her wisdom

Angel Flies Alongside Horses

Frolic - Jun 2017

Man Enters Bizarre Apartment

Ink - Oct 2018

Garret stopped cold. Did she have a fire blazing? And what on Earth was that red thing? All he wanted was a tattoo. What the hell had he gotten himself into?

Vendor Haggles Over price

Haggle - Aug 2017

Four Shleki! Oh, woman. How can I feed the fruits of my loins at such a price?

Witch Levitates Multiple Objects

Witchcraft - Feb 2019

Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble. Imbue these objects I am grasping; to enable multitasking.

Sorceress with Globe A

Sorceress A - Dec 2016

Sorceress with Globe B

Sorceress B - Apr 2017

Sorceress with Globe C

Sorceress C - Nov 2018

Sorceress with Globe C

Jinnie - Oct 2019

Jinnie (Norwegian for genie) are far rarer than their Arabic counterparts. But every now and then a fortunate smoker in Norway encounters one when opening a fresh pack. And they grant five wishes.

Wraith in Doorway

The Wraith - Sep 2019

He felt himself awakening. Please, he thought. Please, please let me sleep. The morgue's antiseptic smells returned, filling his nose. Bright, overhead flourescents glared off the chrome vault doors, hurting his eyes. The coroner opened one. Bent, crushed, mutilated. What lay on that cold slab could not have been human let alone his beautiful Anna. Her smile made angels blush. This thing had no mouth. He screamed and never stopped. Heard nothing. Every day agony and suffering held him fast so torment could sear his heart. He sat bolt upright in bed. Anna stood in the doorway. He squeezed his eyes. She had not a mark. As perfect and radiant as ever. "Don't be afraid, Andrew. It's time to come home."