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Woman in Sultry Dress

Intent - Jul 2019

Oh, honey. You can't wear that. You'll embarrass the other wives.

Woman in Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress - Jan 2019

The classic must for every wardrobe.

Woman putting on Makeup

Canvas - Aug 2019

Like painting on a canvas.

Woman in Cloud Porch

Cloud Patio - Jun 2017

Keenya's 1st shoot.

Model Posed in Chair

Arm Chair - Apr 2018

Keenya also beautifies sofas.

Model in Kate Moss Pose

Ivy League - Nov 2018

Keenya rocks a Kate Moss pose.

Model Posed in Library

Clue - Sep 2018

Miss Scarlet, in the library, with the killer dress.

Ms Scarlet in the Library

Clue - Jan 2021

Model Posed on Stairway

Going Commando - Jun 2019

As in daring, adventurous, unafraid.

Woman Reclining on Couch

Couch Potato - Oct 2018

Woman Reclining on Couch II

Couch Potato II - Dec 2020

Women in Lingerie

Bejeweled - May 2020

Color Lighting Exercise

Aflame - Sep 2019

An exercise in Color Lighting.

Model Posed with Hat

Fox - Jan 2019

Model Re-Posed with Hat

Fox - Jan 2020

Model Posed in See-Through

Barely - Dec 2017

As in 'barely there'. Yeah, tough titling this one.

Beautiful Irish Lass

Danny Girl - Apr 2018

For my fine Irish friends.

Irish Lass Update

Danny Girl - Mar 2021

Who continue to be fine.

Women Prepped for Shoot

Chaos - May 2018

Women in Studio Shoot

Calm - May 2018

Woman putting on Makeup

Cosmetic - Apr 2019

The best boyfriends are patient ones.

Model Posed in Halo Light

Halo - Sep 2019

Couple Dancing Tango

Orillero - Jul 2020

Title refers to a very expressive style of Tango