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Pizza Delivery Error

Extra Ruse - Feb 2018

I'm afraid you misheard the apartment again. 5D is down the hall.

Demons Emerge from Elevator

Appeal - Mar 2018

Somehow it comforts me greatly to know even fanged, demon-warriors detest lawyers.

Boys Ogling Bikini Girls

Adolesence - Sep 2017

Maturation takes a while.

Woman Gives Man CLothing Option

Binary - Feb 2018

Vivienne had complete confidence in Garrett's taste. Whatever he chose, she wore the opposite.

Adult Film Audition

2nd Thoughts - Dec 2017

Steady, lads, steady. Buck up now.

Assorted Ghouls Play Chess

Chess Club - Jun 2018

It remains an open question exactly where the Strigoi have their mating apparatus.

Tarzan's Mistresses

Circling - Mar 2018

In a disastrous mixup, Tarzan's mistresses arrive at the same place, at the same time.

Child Hosts Droid

Hostess - Feb 2020

Daddy's not home yet and Mommy's taking a nap. Want some ice cream?

Dragon Attacks Couple

City Life - Jun 2017

In NYC, rats are not the only problem.

Bat Hiding in Closet

Closeted - Jan 2018

Ironically, five months earlier Jeannie came out of the closet.

2 Assassins - Same Target

Collegiality - May 2018

"Daiyu? Haven't seen you in a while." "Hi, Miranda. Yeah, I needed some me time. How's the family?" Everyone's well, thank God. You here for Dan Forbes too?" "No, his wife."

3 Women in Coffee Cup

Black, Two Sugars - Jan 2019

Are you sure this is latte?

Nude Man Walks Past Women Sunbathing

Focus - Mar 2018

The girls booked the resort unaware it sat next to a nudist colony

2 Assassins - Same Target

TGIF - Jan 2019

Zombie Ready to Jump off Ledge

Frank - Jan 2018

Don't do it, Frank. It won't help.

Man Watches Chess Match

Gambit - Jan 2019

White had penetrated deep. Black's next move had to be decisive to avoid disaster. Garrett held his breath.

Man Maid

Hand Mister - Jun 2018

Great job with the laundry. When you finish the dishes, you know where I'Il be.

Man Wants Angel Photographed

Heaven Sent - Jun 2018

When you said she was divine I didn't realize you meant it literally!

Genie Arises from Cigarette Smoke

Genie - Sep 2019

The rare and unpredictable Norwegian Genie grants five wishes

Woman Dressed for Interview

The Interview - Oct 2018

Ms Andrews, you're next

TwoNeighbors Bickering

Neighbors - Dec 2017

Did so! Did not. Did so! Did not. Did so!

18-Year Old at Strip Club

Jonathan - Sep 2018

"I can't help but fret, Stanley."
"Now, now, Martha. It's his 18th birthday. Jonathan is a man now. We can't keep him home forever."
"But I don't even know where he is."

18-Year Old Sees Nude Witch

Jonathan - Oct 2018

18-Year Old and Demon

Jonathan - Nov 2018

I know you would never hurt me, Delilah, but bloodsucking is not cool.

18-Year Old Levitates

Jonathan - Mar 2019

How to levitate

18-Year Old on Motor Bike

Jonathan - Jun 2019

"I'm greener." "I'm faster."

Woman in Personalized TShirt

Just Sayin - Mar 2019

Demon Abducts Man

Abducted - Dec 2016

Demon Overpowers Man

Overpowered - Dec 2016

Demon Chains Man

Ravished - Dec 2016

Being abducted and overpowered by a demon can have benefits

Man Arrives at Cathouse

la Grange - Dec 2016

With due respect to ZZ Top, you know what I'm talking about

Angel Immodestly Dressed

Commandment - Feb 2019

Turn yourself right around, young angel. You're not leaving this cloud dressed like that.

Woman Caged by Demon

Wrong Movie - Dec 2016

Wait. You're not King Kong!

Sexy Math Professor

Calculus - Apr 2020

"So now we can restate this equation. The 'doubling function' may be denoted by g(x) = 2x and the 'squaring function' as f(x) = x². The 'derivative' would take the function f(x), and use this information to output another function, the function g(x) = 2x. Thus the derivative of a function called f is denoted by f', i.e., f prime. For instance, if f(x) = x² is the squaring function then f'(x) = 2x is its derivative, the doubling function g above.

Is everybody paying attention?"

Woman and her Dragon

Pets - Dec 2016

What is that? A Terrier?