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Pizza Delivery Error

Extra Ruse - Feb 2018

I'm afraid you misheard the apartment again. 5D is down the hall.

Demons Emerge from Elevator

Appeal - Mar 2018

Somehow it comforts me greatly to know even fanged, demon-warriors detest lawyers.

Boys Ogling Bikini Girls

Adolesence - Sep 2017

Maturation takes a while.

Woman Gives Man CLothing Option

Binary - Feb 2018

Vivienne had complete confidence in Garrett's taste. Whatever he chose, she wore the opposite.

Adult Film Audition

2nd Thoughts - Dec 2017

Steady, lads, steady. Buck up now.

Assorted Ghouls Play Chess

Chess Club - Jun 2018

It remains an open question exactly where the Strigoi have their mating apparatus.

Tarzan's Mistresses

Circling - Mar 2018

In a disastrous mixup, Tarzan's mistresses arrive at the same place, at the same time.

Child Hosts Droid

Hostess - Feb 2020

Daddy's not home yet and Mommy's taking a nap. Want some ice cream?

Dragon Attacks Couple

City Life - Jun 2017

In NYC, rats are not the only problem.

Bat Hiding in Closet

Closeted - Jan 2018

Ironically, five months earlier Jeannie came out of the closet.

2 Assassins - Same Target

Collegiality - May 2018

"Daiyu? Haven't seen you in a while."
"Hi, Miranda. Yeah, I needed some me time. How's the family?"
Everyone's well, thank God. You here for Dan Forbes too?"
"No, his wife."

3 Women in Coffee Cup

Black, Two Sugars - Jan 2019

Are you sure this is latte?

Nude Man Walks Past Women Sunbathing

Focus - Mar 2018

The girls booked the resort unaware it sat next to a nudist colony

Woman Reaches Friday

TGIF - Jan 2019

Zombie Ready to Jump off Ledge

Frank - Jan 2018

Don't do it, Frank. It won't help.

Man Watches Chess Match

Gambit - Jan 2019

White had penetrated deep. Black's next move had to be decisive to avoid disaster. Garrett held his breath.

Man Maid

Hand Mister - Jun 2018

Great job with the laundry. When you finish the dishes, you know where I'Il be.

Man Wants Angel Photographed

Heaven Sent - Jun 2018

When you said she was divine I didn't realize you meant it literally!

Genie Arises from Cigarette Smoke

Genie - Sep 2019

The rare and unpredictable Norwegian Genie grants five wishes

Woman Dressed for Interview

The Interview - Oct 2018

Ms Andrews, you're next

TwoNeighbors Bickering

Neighbors - Dec 2017

Did so! Did not. Did so! Did not. Did so!

18-Year Old at Strip Club

Jonathan - Sep 2018

"I can't help but fret, Stanley."
"Now, now, Martha. It's his 18th birthday. Jonathan is a man now. We can't keep him home forever."
"But I don't even know where he is."

18-Year Old Sees Nude Witches

Jonathan - Oct 2018

18-Year Old and Demon

Jonathan - Nov 2018

I know you would never hurt me, Mortana, but bloodsucking is not cool.

18-Year Old Levitates

Jonathan - Mar 2019

How to levitate

18-Year Old on Motor Bike

Jonathan - Jun 2019

"I'm greener." "I'm faster."

Woman in Personalized TShirt

Just Sayin - Mar 2019

Demon Abducts Man

Abducted - Dec 2016

Demon Overpowers Man

Overpowered - Dec 2016

Demon Chains Man

Ravished - Dec 2016

Being abducted and overpowered by a demon can have benefits

Man Arrives at Cathouse

la Grange - Dec 2016

With due respect to ZZ Top, you know what I'm talking about

Angel Immodestly Dressed

Commandment - Feb 2019

Turn yourself right around, young angel. You're not leaving this cloud dressed like that.

Woman and her Dragon

Pets - Dec 2016

What is that? A Terrier?

Sexy Math Professor

Calculus - Apr 2020

"So now we can restate this equation. The 'doubling function' may be denoted by g(x) = 2x and the 'squaring function' as f(x) = x². The 'derivative' would take the function f(x), and use this information to output another function, the function g(x) = 2x. Thus the derivative of a function called f is denoted by f', i.e., f prime. For instance, if f(x) = x² is the squaring function then f'(x) = 2x is its derivative, the doubling function g above.

Is everybody paying attention?"

Calendar Demoness

April - Sep 2021

Work on the 2022 Demonica Calendar is on schedule for the New Year. This is Ms April.

Wormhole Disaster

Crisis - Jul 2021

"Anybody order a pizza?"

A tomb-like silence descended. Though a public announcement had yet to occur at what would be the biggest declaration in human history, this moment marked the end of delicate negotiations between Earth and its first contact with extra-terrestrial beings. Panic and chaos loomed at the realization they might have atomized the world's first galactic diplomat.

Woman Caged by Demon

Wrong Movie - Dec 2016

Wait. You're not King Kong!

Update Caged by Demon

Devour - Apr 2023

Update 7 years later

Caged Woman Eaten

DevourII - Oct 2023

Her ultimate fate revealed

Woman and Her Closet

Incredulity - Jul 2021

"I have nothing to wear."

Men Carried Away

You Haul - Jul 2021

Hurry, ladies, it's almost 8. There's some small ones left but watch it they're fast.

More Men Carried Away

Sold Out - May 2023

Societies are accelerating their move away from the atrocious, dreadful, horrible world men have created with their toxicity. It is a very strange interpretation. Let's listen in on a moment of what's coming.

"Dude, I'll take the last one. How much?"
"Well, I caught this guy in his backyard wearing just underwear. I chloroformed him about an hour ago. If he wakes up before you get home, you'll have to knock him out."
"No problem."