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Man Pours Bourbon

Bourbon - Feb 2018

Woman Posed Topless

Aqua - Jan 2019

Woman in Sheer Scarf

Contrast - Nov 2018

Woman Bathes Nude

Bath Noir - Mar 2019

Across the way on the 88th floor, male staffers have invested in binoculars.

Woman Posed before Cracked Wall

Cracked - Dec 2018

Alina is a touchy feely kind of gal.

Woman Posed in Armchair

Cozy - Nov 2018

That shawl made Keenya a little...warm.

Two Women Posed Nude

Exposed - Sep 2018

Nude Woman Posed on Dais

Dais - Feb 2019

Two Women Posed Nude in BW

Exposed BW - Sep 2018

Woman's Breast through a glass

Curvatures - Dec 2018

Nude Woman Posed Back to Camera

#ffffff - Jul 2019

#ffffff is the hexadecimal value used in graphics for the color white

Nude Woman Posed in Fog

Gray Area - May 2019

Nude Woman Models Grandmother

Genealogy - Oct 2018

Anael's father glanced at his wife, giving her a slight shake of the head. She nodded, biting her tongue but still shocked at their 7-year old daughter's ballooning vocabulary laced with...colorful words. The wise and insightful patriarch recognized the speech patterns, concluding his curious and precocious daughter had found his late grandmother's diary in the attic.

His gaze shifted to the painting over the mantle piece. Anael could do worse, he thought. Thus began a life-long relationship between Anael and her great grandmother, a woman who had lived her life on the edges of society's norms and who had become a source of continuing inspiration to a great granddaughter she never met.

Horizontal Nude

Horizontal - Sep 2018

Admirer of Horizontal Nude

Languid - Mar 2019

Horizontal B&W Nude

Horizontal BW - Sep 2018

Man Transfixed by Bum

Mesmerized - Apr 2018

King Presented Gifts

Metaphorical - Jul 2019

King Presented Gifts

Savor - Sep 2018

Witch Descends on Broomstick

Flight Risk - Feb 2019

Woman Asleep

Goodnight - Nov 2018

Woman in Sheer Shawl

Gray Area - May 2019

Nude Woman in Chair

Ornamental - Oct 2018

Veiled Woman

Mortem - May 2020

Veiled Woman 2

Post Mortem - May 2020

Studio Posed

Au - Sep 2019

Woman in Window Light

Ray Tracing - Jul 2020

Woman Half-Robed

Sidelined - Dec 2020