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Woman Posed Before Another

Admirers - Jul 2018

Shiloh loves the looks playing across an admirers's face.

Woman in Light and Shadow

Angular - Jun 2019

Isn't it remarkable how the light/shadow angle is so perfectly positioned?

Four Flamenco Dancers

Andalusia - Feb 2019


Woman Before Alien Landscape

Three Pillars - Dec 2016

Fourth image I created.

Woman in Alien Landscape

Three Pillars - Apr 2021

A larger and more subtle update

Model Posed in Studio

Arm's Length - Jan 2019

The art of extension.

Female posed with Greek columns

Aspro - Jan 2018

Aspro is the Greek word for white.

Model wearing Greek loincloth

Aspro - Jan 2019

Model with Atmospheric Lighting

Aspro - Jan 2020

Two Women Interlude

Seated - Sep 2018

Here's looking at ya! I know. Couldn't resist it.

2 Women Interlude

Seated - Dec 2022 Update


Model Posed in Studio

Balancing Act - May 2018

Attention, ladies. And some men. Flynn is a professional model. Do not attempt this at home while wearing heels.

Model Posed Before Window

Bay Window - Dec 2016

Model Posed in Bay Window

Bay Window II - Jan 2017

Woman Posed Before Window

Bay Window III - May 2019

Women Posed Before Eifel Tower

Bon Jour - Nov 2017

Three generations of Wireframe models. Daiyu(L-Genesis 3), Delilah(M-Genesis 8), Alina(R-Genesis 2).

Male at Bathhouse

Pinched - Feb 2018

Jason thought about pinching himself but why?

Stud Posed on Motorcycle

Blarney - Mar 2018

Three lasses decked out in their St Patrick's Day finest.

Woman Posed with Sports Car

Boy Toy - Aug 2018

Two hours after this shot, Delilah got her first speeding ticket.

Woman Flags Drag Race

Drag - Jun 2019

Assassins Prepare for Hit

Brandi and Carl - May 2019

Here he comes. Ready?

Exhausted Model

Burnt - Feb 2019

A long day comes to an end.

Model Posed n Radiator

Defiant - Jul 2018

Unkind schoolmates once referred to her as 'Flynn the Him'. Then one day she...blossomed.

Woman Gift Wrapped

Gift Wrap - Apr 2018

Gallery Crew at Christmas

Christmas 2017 - Nov 2018

The Gallery Crew.

A Child Hangs a Stocking

Christmas Little - Dec 2018

As a little girl, Delilah loved to hang a stocking

Grownup Hangs a Stocking

Christmas Big - Dec 2018

Still does

Model in Studio Pose

Clingy - Jun 2018

Woman Before Dressing Mirror

Decorating - Feb 2018

Flynn's hot date.

Update Before Dressing Mirror

Decorating - Apr 2023

Update of previous

Two Models in Living Room

Rainier Rascals - Sep 2019

Assassin Trains Recruits

Generation Z - Mar 2018

Now retired, Shen Hui worked to pass her deadly skills to the next generation.

Woman Has Her Cigar Lit

Anxiety - Oct 2019

He noticed!

Angel Welcomes Children

Welcome Home - Dec 2016

First image I created

Angel Deciding What to Wear

Unsure - Dec 2016

Second image I created.

Woman Catches Rays

Ultraviolet - Apr 2022

We're not sure exactly what happened here. Andraya hates tan lines.

Distracted Man Pickpocketed

Distraction - Mar 2018

The Renaissance painting titled "The Fortune Teller" depicts a distracted woman being pickpocketed.

Woman Posed for Color Lighting

Distant - Jul 2019

A study in color liighting.

Two Woman Squabble

Face Off - Mar 2019

Moi? I thought you were going to pay for the champagne.

Two Biker Chicks

Doubles - concept/design Mar 2018

updated Aug 2023

Woman Posed on Motorcycle

Gleam - Jun 2019

Yan Mei doesn't mind being called Biker Chick. She owns the company that makes them.

Stud Posed on Motorcycle

Biker Boy - Nov 2022

A small give back to the ladies and some of the boys (tee hee).

Conttry Girl and Horse

Wrangler - Aug 2019

Woman Posed Before Slums

Gritty - Jun 2019

Gymnast Balancing on Chair

Gymnast - Feb 2019

Woman Posed in Bathrobe

Gust - Jul 2019

Woman Posed with Cigarette

Hand Helds - Sep 2019

Woman Posed Indecorously

Indecorous - Jan 2018

Woman Posed in Head Shot

Head Light - Jun 2019

Woman with Lilacs

Lilacs - May 2018

Woman Posed in Sun Hat

Incognito - Jan 2019

Man and Two Women

Trois - Jun 2018

Sixth Ape Protagonist

Michael - Protagonist 6th Ape - Feb 2019

Man Backturned to Beauty

Ignored - Feb 2019

Man Posed with Two Women

Maneaters - Jul 2018

Woman Before Wishing Well

Wishing Well - Dec 2016

Woman Before Blue Well

Wishing Well - Apr 2021

Model vs Painting

Painting Upgrade - Jan 2019

Woman Framed by Man's Arm

Shield - Jan 2020

Man at his best.

Woman in Egyptian Cut

Pharoahin - Nov 2019

Woman in Maxi Dress

Venusian - Oct 2019

Woman Reading Book

Curled - Aug 2019

Woman Posed with Man

Supportive - Nov 2019

Modernistic Posing

Post Modernist - Jan 2020

Woman Gathers Roses

The Gatherer - Feb 2020

Woman in Arm Pose

Armed - Jan 2020

Woman Reading Book

Unwind - Jan 2020

Woman Interrupted Exercising

Pilates Interruptus - Mar 2020

Don't you hate when that happens?

Woman at Bar Booth

Lounger - Apr 2020

To support her friend Miranda (that's her in the pictures), Valkyra offered to pose for snapshots. Anyone spending $10 at the bar got a poker chip to exchange for a picture.

Woman Blowing Rings

Venting - Jun 2020

Monochrome with Red

She - May 2020

A rare post-production enhanced image

Monochrome with Red

She - Jul 2021

A variation

Woman in Chair

Aslant - Apr 2020

Woman on Pedestal

Perched - May 2019

Woman on Pedestal

Perched - Aug 2020

Woman in Blue Light

Lapis Lazuli - Oct 2020

Woman Posed on Couch

Golden - Aug 2018

Woman in Low-cut Dress

Cropped - Jun 2020

A school of thought exists requiring space between the top of a subject's head and the image's upper boundary. Oh well.

Linguered Woman on Couch

Fatale - Aug 2020

Bikini on the Beach

String Theory - Oct 2017

Bikini on the Beach

String Theory - Aug 2020

WOman Posed in Window

Window Dressing - Aug 2020

Three Flamenco Dancers

Fuego - Jun 2020

Woman Posed in Alley

After Hours - Jun 2020

Woman with Shotgun

Twelve - Dec 2020

In the hinterlands of the Caucuses, where nightly mists whisper of ancient evils and unspeakable horrors, American practicality has found a home.

Woman Posed With Gel Lights

Olive Drab - Apr 2021

A Relaxing Bedtime Tea

Chamomile - Nov 2018

A long day comes to an end

Woman at Bar

On Tap - Jun 2020

A piece inspired by master oil painter Fabian Perez featured on the walls

Woman in High Key

Insight - May 2021

Woman in Man's Shirt

Table Setting - May 2021

Models in Sexy Pose

Cranny - Feb 2019

Never know what's hiding in one.

Woman Perched n Balcony

Uniped - Jul 2020

Woman Imitating Painting

Flattery - Jan 2021

Woman and Her Gun

Texas - Aug 2021

Woman in Low-Neck Blouse

Sfacciata - Jul 2021

Pronounced, sfa CHA tah, it is Italian for brazen or strumpet. Exactly like what a blue-haired lady walkig by might say with dripping disdain.

Woman and Exotic Car

Head Turner - Aug 2021

Woman in Low-Neck Blouse

HomeBody - Oct 2021

Woman Stretched on Floor

Lengthwise - Sep 2021

Woman's Shoe Problem

Substandard - Feb 2022

"Dang. This buckle won't stay closed."

Woman Before Cracked Wall

Acrophilia - Mar 2022

Model in Storage Room

Storage - Mar 2022

Woman Rises from Bed

2x3D - Apr 2022

Models Posed in Tandem

Cranes - Apr 2019

A study in Hi-Key lighting

Long-legged Model

Extended - Jun 2022

Studio Stooled

Stooled - Nov 2022

Woman in Cul de Sac

Attention Grabber - Apr 2022

Slava Ukraini !!

Woman and her Dog

Un-Leashed - Apr 2022

3 Posed Models

Clad - June 2022

Model by Bed

Forlorn - May 2022

Model in Lounging Pose

Slacker - April 2022

Long-legged Reader

Snow Fall - Dec 2022

Demoness Hooks a Man

Awaiting - Dec 2022

Woman Above the Shoulders

Underhanded - Jan 2023

Woman Before Cracked Wall

Cracked - Jan 2022

Woman is Late

Late - Mar 2023

Hygienic, Sterile Floor

Floored - Apr 2023

Reader Startled

Interruption - Apr 2023

White Darkened

Dark White - May 2023

3 Mini-mini Skirts

Shorties - May 2023

Woman Smoking a Cigar

Stogie - May 2023

Sexy Woman and Sexy Car

Mishap - Nov 2022

Women in Classical Set

Classical Modernism - Jul 2023

We could not afford to rent a portal and pop into ancient Rome. So we put some props in the backyard behind the studio and let Alina and Valkyra(r) go at it

Ultra Miniskirt

Miniscule - Jun 2023

Woman in a Reading Nook

Chestnut - Jul 2023

Shakespeare Modernized

Romano e Julietta - Mar 2023

Italian for Portrait

AI or iRay? - Jun 2023

Lady in Red

Lady in Rojo - Jan 2023