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Warrior Scouts Take Point

Scouts - Jun 2019

Warrior Sharpens Sword

Vengeance - Jul 2018

As Khan so elegantly put it: a dish best served cold.

Templars Mourn Comrade

Battle's Aftermath - Sep 2018

Couple Ride Bareback

Bareback - Apr 2018

Biker chicks: a tradition extending far back in time.

Sisters at Funeral

Ascension - May 2018

Tension filled the castle. One question whispered along its corridors. Which sister would survive to ascension?

Assassin Enters Window

Assassin - Dec 2016

The 6th 3D image I created.

Father repares fr Battle

Call to Duty - Dec 2016

A father prepares for battle.

A Call to Battle

Call to Arms - Dec 2016

We succeeded in walling ourselves off from evolution but not natural selection.

Warriors Ride to Battle

Battle Ride - Dec 2016

Horses in battle lasted centuries until Polish cavalry charged German panzers.

Excalibur Stylistically Posed

Ensorceled - Oct 2019

Excalibur stylistically interpreted.

Excalibur Embedded

Embedded - Jan 2019

With one grip, a legend was born.

A Stylistiic Excalibur

Ensorceled B - Oct 2019

A variation.

Corridor of Warrior Statues

The Book - Jul 2019

Lomin turned the corner and stepped through the chamber's entrance. Inside, just as the book had predicted, stood four lifelike statues of warrior maidens belonging to a bygone age. Their gold inlays and trim hinted at the wealth hidden within. The old man had been a fool, he thought. Had no idea of the book's worth and yet refused to sell it. Now he would have eternity to contemplate if a knife through the heart was a better bargain.

Ahead, the corridor forked. Which one? He opened the book and turned a leaf. Eyes bulged as sentence after sentence faded from the page. Frozen lungs stopped breathing. Behind him stone cracked and crackled. An unsheathing sword hissed.

Woman and Demon Lover

After Glow - Jul 2018

It is a place of ancient whispers and dark enchantments. Of sorcery and devilry. And magic. The old kind that unfurls from the fingertips. Where witches cast spells and summon forth demon lovers.

Woman Encased in Sorcery

Cursed - Oct 2017

She had designs on the wizard. Until his wife found out.

Sorceress on Chess Board

Sorcerer's Chess - Apr 2018

Man's Daughter Promoted

Succession - Aug 2018

Renk could barely contain himself. About to retire, pride threatened to burst his heart from its moorings. The Queen's new Champion wasn't as strong as the men but she was strong enough.

She had lightning reflexes and the sword went exactly where she looked. It made her deadly . . . and his daughter.

Warriors Battle Demon

Battle Cry - Jun 2018

Together they battled across barbarian lands until a demon separated them.

Swordswoman Confronts Riders

Engarde - Sep 2021

"She's one woman. We can just ride over her." "Don't be a fool, Toren. That guard is taught only by the southern masters. You'll be sliced in two before you hit the ground. Best to talk."

Woman Bow Hunter in Woods

Bow Hunter - Aug 2019

At night, the hunted have two legs.

Warriors Bargain for Sword

Red Sonja - The Bazaar - Nov 2021

"It is a magnificent sword made of Tamahagane steel mined in the Yamato province of Japan and fired in the forges of the master himself: Amakuni Yasutsuna. It will not break, will not shatter, and will slice through armor and leather."

In Rhesakur, east of Cimmeria, the city that birthed the warrior maidens who roamed the Middle Kingdom, shopkeepers and sellers did not present exaggerated claims. Doing so would risk their heads.

Demon Sorceress Makes Offer

Gehenna - Nov 2019

I am the Mistress of Perdition. I am Gehenna, sent by the Lord Master Lucifer. In one hand I hold pleasure, that those who lust for it may find you. In the other, I hold Lust. That you may find those who know its pleasures. Choose well.

Woman and Demon Lover

Demon Lover - Feb 2018

Woman Summons Demons

Invocation - Dec 2018

When summoning demons, it is wise to remain within the Flames of Kalthor.

Warrior Eyes Lady

Eye Catching - Dec 2016

The oldest eye catch

Warrior Fights Dragon

Hell Fire - Jun 2018

Odin give me strength and guide my hand. The shield will not withstand another blast and this beast brims with hellfire.

Warrior Finds Power Tree

Tree of Power - Aug 2019

Medieval Manhunter

Manhunter - Jun 2017

Some men dig graves. Others fill them.

Warriess Arm Wrestles Men

Macho - Aug 2017

While hot on the trail of the legendary Cimmerian, Xena would test the virility of potential bed warmers.

Female Arm Wrestler

Macho II - May 2022

An update

Battle-weary Templar

Male - Nov 2018

Queen Dispatches Assassins

Remand - Jul 2020

Alive! You hear me? Bring them to me alive."

Apocalyptic Aftermath

Medieval - Sep 2018

In the aftermath of the Apocalypse, war again became primitive.

Man Defends Family

Ancestral - Nov 2019

Tamrin twisted in his chair. The women had heard it too. No wind howled like that. His wide-eyed daughter turned to him. One word escaped her lips as she rushed over. "Papa?"

Arms open, he leaned down, squezing her, refusing to let rising emotions emerge. Gently, one hand cupped her face. "I love you my child. With all my heart. Now. Go to your mother.

Tamrin strode to the door, never hearing the swords he gripped hiss from their scabbards. He refused to look back. It would weaken him. A foot opened the door. Cold blasted his face. They had come to his home. They would not leave it.

Our ancestors could not call police. Could not call firemen. Or emergency personnel. When a crisis arose they had to deal with it. Their successes allow us to complain about the weather.

Woman Trains for Witchood

The Novitiate - Apr 2019

Her sisters completed the Summoning Spell then smiling and giggling, exited the chamber. The Novitiate had prepared herself well and now all that remained to metamorph into a witch were pleasures unimagined and unequaled. Without warning, Kravak appeared. Her eyes traveled down his body, stopped and widened. It swelled. And wiggled.

Spartan Guard

Sentinel - Aug 2019

On a cold and dank wintry night, a soldier stands his post

Dragon Attacks Beachgoer

Futile - Nov 2019

Tough when all you want is a quick dip and a dragon shows up.

Warrior Encounters Warning

The Tracker - Jul 2020

The King had sent his champion to find the three thieves. For weeks he had tracked them but now only two remained. Tormin hesitated. A warning to thieves? Or everyone?

Woman Crashes Castle

The Arrival - Sep 2019

The insanely jealous Baron made one mistake when he killed her lover. He didn't kill her

Vestal Sentries

Vestal Sentries - Sep 2019

Witch Conjures Dragon

Conjure - Oct 2020

From this Book and from this Night
I speak true words with all my might
Witches then and Witches now
Must battle those who act most foul
Against our foes I take this action
To flight, to flight, enchanted Dragon

Witch in Sexy Pose

Flammable - Aug 2019

Witch Preparing Spells

Enchantment - Jul 2020

Sometimes Alina's husband walked in unannounced. He remembered not a one.

Woman Suspended in Void

Occult - Jan 2020

Both detectives continued to stare at the ash pile where a house had stood. Firemen and arson investigators had never seen anything like it. Neither had they. And they had seen it all. Fires left stone remnants, metal beams, cars, ovens. This fire had reduced everything to a fine powder. "Detectives." They turned their heads in time to see a uniform lift the yellow crime scene tape to let a man duck underneath. He straightened and both suppressed an urge to laugh. With a jaunty fedora low over one eye and a trench coat, he might have just stepped off the set of a noir movie. The stranger held up a badge. "Federal Bureau of Special Investigations? What the hell is that?"

He ignored the question and turned to survey the ash pile. "Never seen anything like it, right? Firemen got here in minutes and the pile had already cooled. Know any fire that can do that?" His head turned back. "I've been chasing a psychopathic coven for nine months now. They lure impressionable, naive young women with visions of becoming witches into their little group. I'm not sure what happens next but this is always the result. It wasn't fire. It was brimstone. And now they're in your town. You'll see a few more of these." He held out a card. "When you run out of leads, call me. Maybe we can catch them before they leave." He turned around and left. The two stared after him.

Door Opens to a Witch

Merlana - Oct 2020

Beryl turned the corridor, slowing before the doors ahead. Everyone had warned against it. Her best friend had been adamant. "Don't do it Beryl. Witches always demand payment and it's never money. It might be a price you can't pay. You're obsessed."

Beryl stopped. Love, is, an obsession she thought. She wanted Stewart. Could not imagine being without him. Did not want to. Only a Love Potion could help.

Five months had passed, scouring every dark tavern and dank alley the city's backwater hovels offered. Many had whispered one name before turning away: Merlana.

She raised a hand to knock. Before it landed, the doors opened. Beryl's eyes widened. She swallowed hard.

Prince Awakens Demoness

Snow Black - Sep 2020

The Prince turned in his grave at the great-grandson's continuing ineptitude

Witch Sitting on Mountain

Crow's Nest - Oct 2020

Brooms make excellent mountain climbing equipment

Witch Provides Reading

The Seer - Oct 2020

"Welcome, Mr. Daemon. Your credentials were impreccable and the endowment most generous. Shall we see what the Fates have in store?"

Sudden Danger

Suddenly - Aug 2020

in the Baroque style

Women Running Fruit Stand

The Apple Stand - Dec 2020

The morning dawned like any other. Neither would forget the day the King's First Sword happened by

Lucifer Guards the Pit

Hades Gate - Jul 2020

One can never be sure if it is indeed Lucifer himself guarding the Pit's entrance

Demoness and Serpent

Lilith - Oct 2020

Adam's first wife...a she-demon

Woman Checks Sword Edge

Cutting Edge - Jan 2020

Three Witches in Cave

Witches Three - Nov 2020

Templar Guardsman

The Last Laugh - Jun 2021

Their laughter pierced the dawn sky. Cruel, merciless, filled with savagery. They plundered and torched, killed and ravaged. All the while they laughed. And laughed. Then they turned toward the women. She warned them he would come for her. They laughed. He did. And swore they would form a mound on the tomb into which he would bury their King. They laughed harder.

Archers Assault Castle

Montanians - Jun 2021

Night had yet to retreat before an onrushing dawn. Whispering death sliced into guards just shaking off a sleep they would not awaken from.

Standing along a high ridge line, Merldon allowed for a grim smile. He had recruited the five Montanians himself. Life in the Cappocian mountains required they be able to climb and survival demanded they not miss what they hunted. Scaling the fortress walls had proved child's play.

Templar Guardsman

The Watchman - Jun 2021

The thieves never expected a guard. They watched him ease his helmet off, message unmistakable. Templars grew old because their opponents died young.

Two Sisters Ride the Steppes

Steppe Sisters - Sep 2019

They crested the hill at a gallop before racing across the plain, pulling the reins to a hard stop, battle steeds snorting and prancing, pulling at the bits, eager to be off again. "There!", Kima pointed. "Just at the treeline. Six of them."

Before they could loosen straps binding swords and shields, the intruders turned, hooves thundering on the dry, unthawed ground, raising a dust cloud behind them.

2 Sisters Ride the Steppes

Steppe Sisters II - Feb 2021

Moina turned with a broad smile. "Tell me again, sister. What is good?"
"To ride the open steppes, feel the wind in your hair, and watch your enemies flee before you."


With all apologies and great admiration for Mr. Conan and his unwittingly hilarious Mongol warlord.

Princess and Horse

Inheritrix - June 2022

Modern Female Ninja

Mitsudomoe - Jun 2021

The image takes its title (mitsu means three, domoe/tomoe means comma-shaped) from the background symbol which in modern Japan is most often displayed on banners and lanterns during festivals and rituals, particularly Shinto ceremonies. In medieval Japan, the symbol identified the wearer as a Samurai warrior.

Banished Chinese Female

Outcast - Feb 2022

Yan Mei pulled on the reins staring into the distant mists. Dismounting, she stepped closer, as if the shorter distance would make the tree clearer. For days she had roamed the badlands, constantly moving, asleep in the saddle, determined to lose herself in the wilderness, safe from pursuers.

She had no illusions as to her fate if the Emperor found her. As his favored and prized assassin, she knew too much. Knew where all the bodies lay buried. Indeed, with her loose and uncontrolled, the Emperor himself might fall victim to her formidable and legendary skills.

Certain she saw what she saw, Yan Mei made up her mind. If a single tree could live here, so could she. In the way of all women, she sensed the life growing within her. This would be home.

Sonja Confronts Conan

Red Sonja - Dec 2021

"Cimmerian! The skills and abilities with a sword given me by the red goddess Scáthach come with a price. I may lie only with a man who can defeat me."

Barbarian with Lions

Au Courant - Jan 2022

Om the battlefield, no one, absolutely no one, is going to out-style Keesana.

Barbarian with Lions

Fierce - Apr 2022

Witch Enchants Blade

Entreaty - Oct 2021

O mighty trees and forest green, if those who come should act obscene, their last will be this ha lo'een

Witch Cursing Skull

Witch Fable - Nov 2022

Demoness Mugs Competitor

Wrath - Nov 2022

Don't feel sorry for Lola. She's a notorious tease who flirted with the wrong boyfriend.

Vampire Served Blood

Forced Serve - Nov 2022

A predecessor of the Bloody Mary

Witch Practicing Spells

Spellcaster - Oct 2021

Enchanting Sorceress

Seductress - Aug 2018

Archeress and Wolves

The Ender - Feb 2023

For over a week we had tracked the rotters. We found and searched ancient ruins to discover the louts slept and ate here. Hours passed and the wolves rose to alert, the hairs along their spines bristling.

From our perch, the three had bags of stolen wealth straddled to their horses. It slowed the approach. Before two reacted in the next minute, their leader would fall off the horse with an arrow through his heart. The two would then stare at arrows quivering in their chests. All three would be dead before they hit the ground.

Across the realm, my Queen forbids bickering, brawling, fighting. Disputes, squabbles, arguments. She would not tolerate thievery. A call went out to summon me: the Ender.

Demoness Mugs Competitor

Taken - Feb 2023

From Frazetta

Earthbound - Feb 2023

Frazetta titled this piece as "Fighting Men of Mars". Except for the two characters that overwhelmed and powered, I thought the rest of the scene needed re-interpretation.

Still, I look up to see Frazetta on Mt. Olympus. Rest in peace, Frank.

Frazetta Variation

UnDemoned - Apr 2023

Variation of a Frazetta piece titled 'Winged'

Queens Guard

Aegis - Jun 2023

Early morning and the first rays cracked the dark where I slept. Eyes closed, I sat up feeling the sunrise warm my face. Warmed it well. Slow, long pulls filled my lungs, held before slower exhales. With battle looming this day, my nerves need to remain still. I will fight alongside my queen and protect her to the last. If I lay on the ground, the sun will shine upon me. My face will grow cold.

Waress Defeats Attackers

Waress - Aug 2023

Emotions again roiled as she stood among the ruins of home. Without warning, five invader remnants leaped from behind a wall, intent on their own revenge. Mere seconds passed as Kasintras drew her swords. Seconds more and two gutted men dropped where they stood, their blood flowing life away. She watched the others flee as two tried to hold up a third whose sword arm hung by a strand of skin above the elbow. When his severed arm snapped off, he fell to the ground already half dead. The last two ran faster without looking back. Vengeance had given the men no chance. No chance. Peace enveloped Kasintras.