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Barkeep Invites an Order

Barkeep - May 2018

"Hi! What can I do for you?" Considering the locale, a leading question indeed

Woman Sitting in Park

Evaluator - May 2019

Vivienne takes a break from the morning's hectic shopping to see what else she can bring home.

Woman Shopping for Lingerie

Boutique - Dec 2017

Shopping at Veronica's Secret

Woman on Fire Escape

Air Cooled - Apr 2019

A time-honored NYC air conditioner

Woman Faces Home Invasion

2nd Amendment - Mar 2017

Protect women. Arm them!

Woman Presented with a Rose

The Rose - Mar 2019

I found nothing else as beautiful as you

Woman Exits Car Immodestly

Exposure - Aug 2017

Unavoidable immodesty

Assassination by Bikers

The Hit - Aug 2018

Man Attempts Pickup

Bavarian Treat - Feb 2018

No thanks. I'm waiting for Uber.

Woman Posed in Window

Hood Ornament - Jan 2019

Man and Woman Tango

Impromptu - Apr 2019

Flynn pauused before the bathroom door. From outside, a guitar strummed an uunmistakable rhythm. She peeked into the alley where a man smiled at her. "Would you like to Tango?"

Women Arrive for House Party

House - Aug 2017

Man Watches The Godfather

Movie Night - Dec 2018

Hey, Jason! Pay attention or you might get one too.

Nude Man in Chair

Man Cave - Apr 2018

Woman Watching Horror Movie

Streaming - Dec 2019

Oh no! Get out of there! It's not him! She's the killer!

Boy Watches Shadow Figures

Wonder - Jun 2019

Woman Faces Thugs

Sarcasm - Aug 2019

No. I don't have a Lady's Special.

Woman Applies Makeup

Canvas - Oct 2019

Woman Becomes Mafia Don

Mogul - Apr 2020

Antonia - for the man who has everything else

Woman Becomes Mafia Don

Patriarchy - Jan 2020

Daughter ascends to family Don

Model Posed in Grungy Room

Nook - Sep 2019

Delilah proved a real pro and trouper by letting us pose her in this dark, dank, dreary room.

Model on Sandy Beach

Skyline - Sep 2019

Stage Actors

Stage - Dec 2016

Impatient Woman

Dilatory - Jul 2020

You're late.

Woman Posed with Piano

Pianist - Aug 2020

No. Alexia does not play the piano sideways

Woman Gazing at Skyline

Tanning - Jan 2020

Urban equivalent to laying under a broiling sun

Woman Gazing at Skyline

Tanning II - Mar 2021

A more reflective variant

Woman Rushes to Toilet

Urgency - Dec 2020

The last seconds of desperate urgency