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Visitor Comments

Visitor : Aaron
City : Brooklyn
Date : 8/27/2016

Hi Rafael. Love the music! Body Fever is my favorite.

Visitor : Rocky
City : Ridgewood, NJ
Date : 8/24/2016

Hey guy. Saw the 5-star review on Goodreads for the United States of Africa. Congrats.

Visitor : Harry
City : New York City
Date : 8/22/2016

Best damn author that has not been discovered, for some odd reason. And I am not saying this cause he is my brother and I respect him, but because he is one the most intelligent men I have the pleasure of knowing. If you don't believe me, read one of his novels and see that I am right. I love you bro!

Visitor : Ling Zhao
City : Taipei
Date : 7/3/2016

Hello. My name is Ling Zhao. I am a student in Taiwan. Your music is wonderful.
Thank you.

Visitor : BennieB
City : Clayton
Date : 5/18/2016

thanks for the jams. good stuff

Visitor : Kevin
City : Baltimore
Date : 2/24/2016

Just saw the blurb for Seraphim. Now I have to wait ???!!! lol Norys, says, Hi !!

Visitor : JimmieBo
City : Hoboken
Date : 1/13/2016

Heard Street Jam at my friends.
Downloaded it and sounds better on my system lol

Visitor : Clarkie
City : Syracuse
Date : 1/17/2016

smokin stuff

Visitor : Gmanly
City : Tampa
Date : 9/9/2015

Hey New York. Some great sounds coming outta there (-:

Visitor : PennyWise
City : New York
Date : 7/12/2015

What happened to the mixes :-( I need a new one :-D

Visitor : Roy
City : Spanish Harlem
Date : 12/13/2014

My bud told me about this site. Perfect party music for the holidays. Thank you, brother.

Visitor : Mousie
City : Yonkers
Date : 12/9/2014

Love, love the mixes!

Visitor : BooYah
City : Harlem
Date : 11/27/2014

Just thumpin

Visitor : Megan (no, not Fox)
City : Wayne
Date : 11/22/2014

Hi Rafael :) You do the music with software?. What program?

Visitor : Eddie
City : Bronx
Date : 10/11/2014

Hey bro. Dropped by for a visit. Nice job with the site.

Visitor : Emily
City : Edison
Date : 8/29/2014

I can't put USA down and now the Huntsman??!! Thanks Rafael :-D

Visitor : BeeBee
City : Tarrytown
Date : 8/22/2014

Sherry told me about The Huntsman. There's a DO NOT DISTURB sign on my door. (-:

Visitor : SherryGrl
City : Westchester
Date : 8/21/2014

The Huntsman's opening chapter is brilliant. Thank you

Visitor : Norys & Kevin
City : Baltimore
Date : 8/16/2014

Thanks for the opening chapter to The Huntsman. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

Visitor : Roger
City : New York
Date : 8/11/2014

Hey Rafael. Okay you know the drill. I WANT the BodyFever playlist. Except for "Put Your Body In It" I have no idea who's on it. Where do you find the music??!!

Visitor : PennyWise
City : New York
Date : 8/2/2014

Hey everybody. Stumbled across this site and I get the comments. Nice music.

Visitor : Jeff ScissorHands
City : Ponce
Date : 7/23/2014

Hey bro. Still down here rockin PR and the music. My latino buddies have almost forgotten about salsa. Almost. :-D

Visitor : SuzieO
City : New York
Date : 7/18/2014

OMG, yes MoJoX. My 2 nieces can't stop dancing when I put on LateNite

Visitor : MoJoX
City : New York
Date : 7/16/2014

Alright, now you're talkin. LateNite and BodyFever. I'm blasting it.

Visitor : Jeff ScissorHands
City : San Juan
Date : 6/14/2014

Dude, you did it again! :-D Just finished reading USA. Holy Smokes! We definitely need to discuss this. Look for my email.

Visitor : MoJoX
City : New York
Date : 6/5/2014

Maybe I'm spoiled but didn't think FloorMoves cut it

Visitor : BrooklynLove
City : New York
Date : 5/25/2014

man you did it up with FireDance. you got to send me the playlist :)

Visitor : Norys
City : Baltimore
Date : 5/19/2014

My boyfriend Kevin (see below) gave me USA to read. EVERYBODY needs to read this especially my brutahs and sistahs. A remarkable, but so sad, story.

Visitor : Tina
City : Ostrova, CZ
Date : 4/11/2014

Hi Rafi! I like very much the music. Good selections :-)

Visitor : BeezBoppin
City : New York
Date : 4/09/2014

found this site on a hum. And the music is free??!! awesome

Visitor : hemlock
City : New York
Date : 3/13/2014

didn't expect much when i started they cried wolf. you were right. this is not your father's werewolf. couldn't put it down. see you on the forum

Visitor : Lisa
City : New York
Date : 3/7/2014

How come no playlists?

Visitor : Kevin
City : Baltimore
Date : 3/3/2014

USA. Left me shaking my head. Just an amazing, amazing story. Africa as a unified superpower. Great concept.

Visitor : Rosayris
City : New York
Date : 1/16/2014

Aha. Ahora entiendo porque dices que eres fuerte y valiente. Aha, aha. (y) :)

Visitor : Shavon
City : New York
Date : 12/16/2013

Are sirens your signature?

Visitor : sheWolf
City : New York
Date : 11/11/2013

Diego Constance. Loved the man, loved the werewolf. Poor Elena. I felt so sad for her.

Visitor : Roger
City : New York
Date : 10/8/2013

rock it up my brother. the music just slams and jams

Visitor : Iris
City : New York
Date : 9/20/2013

SteamFunk is fantastic! Can you send me the playlist?

Visitor : Harry
City : New York
Date : 6/17/2013

congrats bro. the site rocks. everything works as expected. wish you nothing but good luck.