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The 6th Ape Cover

The Sixth Ape

Preeminent biologist, Philippe Krause, only wants to share his discovery with the world, but the world has forced him to become a killer. The day he looked up from a microscope knowing DNA had revealed the secret to genetic immortality, he began plans for announcing the discovery and his desire for all humanity to have it at no cost. No future generation would ever know old age or disease.

His naivete lasts ten minutes. The moment he makes such an announcement a veil of secrecy will descend so black light cannot escape. The government that controls mankind’s DNA, controls the world. They will move mountains to possess the technology.

But Philippe will not be denied his dream and so begins thirty years of preparation. He will de-fang the world’s major powers from moving against him by destroying their clandestine strike forces. The stage is set. For the first time in history, the most powerful humans ever to exist are about to appear: four genetically altered assassins.

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As part of an advance marketing campaign, I would like to offer those who either will or have purchased any one of my novels the opportunity to obtain the eFile version of 'The Sixth Ape' at no charge.

Simply email me a picture of your eReader displaying the Copyright page of either 'They Cried Wolf', 'United States of Africa' or 'The Huntsman', showing the ISBN and ASIN numbers. In return, I will send you an attached copy of 'The Sixth Ape'. If you buy or have bought all three I will include the eFile version of 'Seraphim'. Also at no charge.

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They Cried Wolf Book Cover

They Cried Wolf

Along with a stunned nation, Diego Constance gapes at the newscast. A frantic evacuation escalates as a virulent contagion dissolves Midwesterners by the tens of thousands. It confirms the staggering betrayal he’s uncovered. His boss, the President of the United States, is responsible. Masked by an engineered calamity, the President has maneuvered a panicked congress into granting him dictatorial powers. A psychopath has slipped past the American electorate.

Despite legal constraints, Diego remains the Commander in Chief’s weapon of choice against national security threats. Killing however makes for a lonely life and Diego longs for an end to his solitary existence. But first his scarred soul must once more descend into a violent darkness.

A despot grips freedom’s throat. With each passing hour the stranglehold tightens. Whatever the cost, tyranny cannot stand. Diego steels himself. The bloodlust swells. He will confront the most powerful, the most guarded man on earth. Diego’s cunning, hardened by a brutal lifetime, guarantees nothing.

What no one knows, not even the President…the Executive Assassin is a werewolf.

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USA Book Cover

United States of Africa

Lauren Danielle Carson’s hours old Presidency has just crashed and burned. A classified report details what many have long conjectured. During her first term, a unified Africa will surpass the United States as the world’s preeminent superpower. Her legacy will be the President on whose watch America joined history’s also-rans.

Desperate to reverse a decades-long decline, committees, panels, experts, meetings, storm sessions fill her days and nights. Every effort to forestall the inevitable reaches a dead end. Slowly, inexorably, options diminish. When one remains, she faces the horrific, the unthinkable.

Fate has intertwined two mirrored lives. She is white. He is black. She leads a nation. He conquered a continent. Her story is the present, his lies in the past. He begins as a brutal warlord and ends up beloved and cheered. She begins beloved and cheered and ends up a despised outcast. She will destroy his achievements and in the act, destroy herself.

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The Huntsman Book Cover

The Huntsman

Millennia ago, Sorkens desperate to escape the Milky Way’s savagery, settled into our nondescript, out-of-the-way star group. Unaware of Earth, a shockwave spreads across their planet when humanity ignites its first wormhole. Led by a brutal crime lord, vicious warfare erupts among factions determined to control mankind’s gateway to the stars. All are oblivious to what an electro-magnetic beacon blaring across the galaxy implies.

Panicked, the Sorken Council meets to re-authorize a long-forbidden technology. Through their own wormhole, they send a Warrior Priestess. Before galactic wolves track the scent, she must destroy the device and everyone possessed of its knowledge.

Fate however, has its own designs. The Huntsman too seeks the device.

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Seraphim Book Cover


No one associates the Vatican with assassins. That their allies dwell in Western China's remote Kunlun Mountains makes it an easier secret to keep. Still, the tiny village of Yíncándí is not immune to the vagaries of fate. Little does a lost mountaineer imagine what will become of the infant he leaves with the villagers. Nor can Trajan, an orphan of Christian missionaries, imagine the true nature of the Buddhist monks raising him. Until the moment arrives when he must choose between Buddha and Christ.

Seraphim, Mujahedeen-like madmen of the Catholic world, have reignited their centuries-old war against the Church. Continuing slaughter has placed Middle East Christians on extinction's edge and the Seraphim blame the Pope's cowardice. Their Cardinals marked for assassination and trapped by their own secrecy, the Vatican must place their hope Trajan will stand between them and a religious war foreshadowing the apocalypse.

But things will become far more complicated than anyone can imagine. As the battle lines harden between Muslim and Jew, Buddhist and Christian, a woman appears astounding the world with miraculous abilities and declaring herself the successor to the prophets and the Servant of the One Lord.

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an illustrated novelette


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This is a story that continues the tale of Little Red Riding Hood as told through the eyes of Little Red's daughter, Crimson Ryder. She struggles to understand why a wolf plagues her family such that beginning with the great-grandmother, her grandmother and mother have succumbed to the same horror. The adventure begins for answers to save herself but more importantly, her future daughter. This is not a children's fable.

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an illustrated novelette


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Simone Stanton never imagined capping a brilliant career with promotion to admiral would bring such heartache and grief. Solona Stanton, rejecting her family's military traditions, disappears into a hellish pit of anguish and despair. One wants to end the pain. The other sinks deeper into its agony.

But something has entered the Milky Way's outer boundaries and Earth rallies its defenses. It forms an Expeditionary Force to investigate and needs a Stanton to lead it. Mother and daughter must conquer the demons plaguing their psyches if they are to have any hope of conquering the demons awaiting them.

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On large screens, clicking any image will display a larger version. Click again to close it. The left and right arrows will cycle through the pictures carousel style. Clicking the book icon will open the full, scrollable novelette (15 chapters plus a prologue and epilogue) with imagery. For greater reading convenience, clicking the down arrow icon will permit downloading the entire PDF (2.26mb) novelette in zip format to the download folder your browser is configured for. And, as before, at no charge.

Some Flash Fiction

The Track

A cold gust blew the rose off her tombstone. Blew them off the other two, the smaller ones. Laying in the snow, they seemed redder. Like blood. My hand came out its glove to wipe my nose. Cold made it run. The kind of cold that blasted down from the mountain. Three days ago it had run and hadn't reminded me of anything. Hadn't warned me either. Not out among the pines chopping kindling.

My axe chunked into that wood. Chunk, chunk. The sound echoed off the trees broken only by snorts the cold forced my nose to make. I paused and turned, stopped and stared. My hand tightened, felt the wood's grain along the haft. Four paw marks marred the snow. A wolf's. The tracks shone in the cold sun. Huge, still. Cold as the air. I followed them. Why will haunt my eternity. I will stand before the Lord, head bowed. Hear His damnation. I followed them, unaware of now's end.

The track became a puzzle I refused to understand. It dared me to. Four paw marks became two. Ice stabbed my heart and froze my soul. They had turned. Back toward the cabin. I ran and plowed, plowed and ran. Screamed and warned. Only the door, banged by the wind against the wood house, answered.

A laugh, cold, distant, mocked me. I stood, framed by the doorway. Inside, eternity had arrived. Blood, scattered like rose petals, had already frozen. Pieces. Broken, strewn. Nothing moved.

The Trail

I never had trouble finding her. She always left a trail. Inside the door, shoes lay where she had kicked them off. Ear rings, necklaces on the table by the sofa. The recliner didn't escape. Dropped scarves, hurled sweaters, thrown tops. Often I'd pick them off the floor where she just let them fall. She'd greet me at the trail's end, arms outstretched, her expression a mix of impatience and relief, annoyance and joy. It spoke without a word. "What took you so long?"

Light adored her face. Made it glow and gleam. Emerald eyes that penetrated through me, sparkled and danced. When she laughed, angels smiled. Sometimes dainty crumbs led to the bedroom. Skirt, nylons, panties, bra. I never thought of her as my mate or my partner. She was my wizard. Oh, how her caress enchanted me. A look could bewitch me. We never made love. We made magic. Her body melted against mine. Her limbs and hands became unbreakable bonds. Her tongue pierced my soul. Heat that ignited flames never burned or charred. Around me the room, the world, the universe... vanished.

I can still feel her two arms entwined around mine. They tightened when the doctor entered, x-rays in hand.

I come home now. The key hesitates, slow to turn. I'd give my life to see her shoes, her jewelry, her clothes. Anything to pick up. One more time.

and Illustrated Flash Fiction

Heiress FF Illustration


Jane stopped. How could I have been so stupid? Enthralled by the lush beauty surrounding her, it now threatened to become her grave. Everywhere she looked, only more jungle stared back. It left her disoriented, disconnected. Lost. Think, Jane, think!

Darting eyes shifted her gaze to the impenetrable canopy overhead. She had left the mission with the sun behind her. Finding it would give direction. There! A tiny speck of blue. She pushed through thick, dense foliage until a small clearing opened before her. Angled shadows pointed toward the sun. A breath filled with relief escaped.

From a mound scant yards away movement burst to life. Two sleeping lions popped their heads up, eyes locked onto her, gauging the distance. As if anticipating the inevitable, nothing moved, nothing stirred. The jungle quieted and stilled. Jane's heart sank. She had no chance. No chance at all.

Above, tree leaves rustled. Something whooshed and whirred through them. Jane looked up to see a shadow descending. High up, a branch groaned from the suspended weight. A primordial, primitive being hung before her. Powerful muscles bulged, flexed, and rippled. A mere hand gesture froze the lions in place. Jane tried to remember what she had ever seen as beautiful. "Who are you?"

A lion growled at the sudden disturbance. The man's head snapped around. A sound erupted from his throat that swelled and echoed off the trees, a cross between a bark and a grunt. Savage, guttural. Jane had never heard anything like it and stood startled in place. The lion's ears flattened.

His gaze returned to her with eyes that penetrated her innermost core. She felt stripped and naked but curiously never more safe. His head turned, nostrils flaring at some detected scent. Agile as a cat, he dropped to the ground, dashing into the forest. Only bobbing plant leaves hinted he had ever been there. The lions took off behind him.

Once more, the jungle came to life with the chitter of birds and insects. Jane turned toward the sun and home. She still felt lost.

InnKeeper FF Illustration

Tarzan & Jane

Early morning heat had begun to swell. Jane sat against a tree, scanning the river for crocodiles or hippopotami. No urge rose to dive in. A more compelling reason enveloped her. Until feelings of lost and disconnected stopped, she needed to find that man. Not simply to thank him for saving her life. No, no, no. She needed a man. She wanted him. Jane floated in a void untethered to the man who could anchor her.

A sound tugged her dream-like state. Loud, nearby. Her eyes opened, tingling ears tried to zero in. A grunt. Then another. Something thumped the ground, shook it. Silence followed, quieting everything. Careful, ever so careful, Jane leaned aside, twisting around the tree. Air blasted through a nose, inhaling deep and snorting again. The smell of an animal wafted. Jane sat still, nerves clambered. A face emerged through the foliage, eyes lasered onto hers. It inhaled deep and again snorted out the smell of her. A primal sound rumbled from its chest.

Jane leaped to her feet, only one step needed into the river. Pumping legs splashed through deepening water. She dove, arms pulling her under before swerving about to see if anything followed. Legs kicking, her head gently broke the surface, eyes widening. On their knuckles, now two gorillas stared back.

Treading water could not continue. Jane knew the way back to the compound but only from this point. Though gorillas cannot swim, she had scant minutes until the current dragged her away deeper into the wilds.

Fear and despair gripped her as another gorilla appeared. A menacing knuckle-walk led to the river's edge. Bending low, its gaze remained fixed while one cupped hand dipped into the water, lifting it to drink. When done, it straightened and joined the other two. Did they wait for her to swim ashore, or watch her drown? Her legs slowed and stiffened.

From the interior canopy, alternative flashes of light and shadow glinted through the trees. Her heart leaped. Re-energized nerves hummed and vibrated. He released the vine and sailed through the air, landing almost in silence. His every stride brought him closer, eyes focused into hers. Jane swam nearer, stopping once her feet stood on the bottom.

With his arrival, the apes turned their attention elsewhere. One also cupped his hand to drink. Another turned to stare downstream. The third sat on its haunches, watching the ground for scurrying insects, snatching and popping them into its mouth.

The man stood regal and strong. Power radiated across the intervening distance. Jane pored over him from head to toe with a paused moment on the loin cloth covering him. Heat surged and blazed within her. Lust raised its head. She ached and craved to have him. She stepped closer, rising out of the water. Jane in turn, tried to radiate her desires.

She leaned on one leg, angling her hips. Slowly, very slowly, her shoulders shifted back to thrust her chest outward, the soaked dress revealed the nudity beneath. Eyelids narrowed, her eyes blazed desire, burning bright the heat within. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Time passed.

He stood still and silent. Stoned scorn formed his face. Unblinking eyes lasered into hers, penetrating her soul. He looked at nothing she had offered for view. And nowhere else. Moments mounted.

Jane fought back the awkwardness threatening to overwhelm. Her mind raced, searching for a way to join herself to him. "Last time we met, I asked who you are. Who are you?" No response. The gorillas remained distracted.

She searched for something, anything. Desperate knocked against her. Perhaps he spoke no English. Maybe she could communicate in his language. Memory of the sounds he made had stayed with her constantly. She barked.v The apes sprang onto their knuckles. Hair bristling, they moved about in stiff steps, stealing angry looks at her. One stomped the ground. Another stood, pounding his chest. They all growled and rumbled, as if daring her to come ashore. Her eyes became fearful saucers. One hand snapped around her mouth, the free arm wrapped across her chest. He remained calm and quiet, staring at her before looking away toward the frenzied apes. His bark echoed off the jungle. One by one, the gorillas lumbered toward the interior, plants and bushes closing behind them. Seconds later, they disappeared.

He looked again at Jane, derision plain on his face. With a turned back, the jungle seemed to bow and await his return. A short distance away, he leaped to grab a vine, climbing hand over hand ever upward. He swung to another and then another. Treetops closed around him. Seconds later, he too disappeared.

Jane stepped out of the river. Defeat and disappointment washed over her. She felt as if falling through an empty void, leaving her again lost.


I have absolute respect and admiration for Edgar Rice Burroughs. Though I agree to where he destined Tarzan and Jane, I am not he. I will take a different route.

Heiress FF Illustration


I grieve and ache. No day passes that does not blister my heart and shred my soul. Every moment devours my being but not my mind. That remains sharp, vivid, unforgetting. A constant reminder.

Excitement for my best friend's birthday filled me that night. I had even bought a new dress and put on my lucky red hat. After all, the night might bring 'him' to me. My bestie's birthday and future husband on the same night? Yeah. Lucky hats can do that.

I had never reflected much on fate. Nothing about my life touched it. Born, raised, school, graduation, career. My future stood as certain as my past. Him, marriage, family, with retirement and grandchildren inevitable but far in the distance.

We ate, we drank, we danced, then drank some more. And at the table next to ours, a man arrived to take a seat. I stared and refused to believe it might be 'him'. He wore a red hat. We giggled and whispered, our fiercely hushed tones causing us to giggle harder. When he looked at me and gave a broad, gleaming smile, the air left my lungs.

His eyes hinted of mystery, secrecy, daring, and yes, a tinge of danger. Laughing, my girlfriend snatched the hat off my head, gave a goofy pose, and we snapped pictures, her last moment frozen forever in our phones.

I remember sitting, eyes fixed on my hat, not comprehending the next moment. Her head exploded, splattering us with brains and gore. In the moment's silence and shocked disbelief, another shot crashed through the window overlooking the street outside. My future husband slammed face first onto the table, the back of his head missing. Pandemonium erupted. Screaming, shouting patrons dashed out. Others ducked beneath tables, crying, frantically dialing police. I stared at my friend, sunk into her chair, arms hanging lifeless. Her goofy expression now a hideous mess. My mouth opened and screamed but I didn't hear it.

Later, police identified the other victim as a member of the underworld with a penchant for red hats. Everything indicated a professional hit. The killer, probably brought in from out of town and told the target would be wearing a red hat, shot both leaving nothing to chance.

That phone sits in a drawer. I've never looked at the photo it contains. I don't wear hats, I don't have a husband, and I don't have any more luck.

InnKeeper FF Illustration


Bedlam erupted. I bolted upright, sleep's cobwebs gone. A thunderous crash against my Inn's wall below shook the building. Feet shuffled as wooden benches and stools splintered and shattered. Fabric ripped and body thuds forced grunts and groans. And all the while a growl - savage, primordial - filled the air.

My head snapped toward my wife who could sleep next to marching musicians and now through this. A part of me marveled at her comatose state, another wanted to protect my life's work, another wanted to protect my life, paralyzing me in place. Crash/thud. Fine plaster dust floated down from the ceiling. I rose toward a table where my trembling hand refused to light the lamp. Boom/smash. Paint chips cracked off the walls.

The bravest thing I ever did in my life was to step down those stairs. My still shivering hand infected my entire body as it pushed the door open.

A horned thing, in the shape of a woman, stared back at me. Two winged creatures began where her hands ended, one broken and crushed, the other made gurgling sounds then stilled. The female thing's mouth opened. A voice deeper than the Pit that spawned it bellowed, "Get out."

Behind me the door slammed shut when I raced up the stairs. I left the lamp on and sat in bed, eyes wide open, ears on full alert, lungs barely breathing. Beside me, my wife's snoring paused for a grunt before resuming.

Pale sunlight peeked through the curtains when she woke rubbing her eyes. She smiled at me. "Couldn't sleep again, darling? Nightmares?"

What could I say? I barely believed it myself. She put on a robe and descended the stairs with me leading the way. I did not know what to expect when I opened that door. Maybe I had dreamt everything. Maybe.

As I entered, the Inn appeared neat and tidy. No broken tables or benches, no blood stains, nothing. I stood staring wide-eyed, unmoving, questioning reality. My wife stepped past me, angling for the kitchen. "Still asleep, dear? I'll start the coff...oh look."

She stooped, turning around with a huge white feather twirling in her hand. "Have you ever seen a bird big enough for this feather?"

Heiress FF Illustration


Despite continuing chores and duties, an uncustomary hush blanketed the castle. Not because the much beloved Queen Regnant lay dying. Her age and frailty had made that long expected. But of late, the Heiress, her daughter, had acquired behaviors deemed...unnatural.

Nightly sounds swelled and echoed throughout halls and corridors, doing nothing to quell the rising alarm. Chambermaids, minstrels, clerks, grooms, and even Knights exchanged nods and glances, whispers and looks at the cacophany emanating from the Princess' room. Howls, grunts, moans, barks. And screams. Screams that continued long into the nights. They spoke of dark arts, depraved acts, and no one felt safe.

Tension mounted when a group of Lords arrived to inquire after the Queen. Princess Noshara entered the throne room with four impossibly handsome men no one had ever seen before or knew. Restrained gasps arose when the courtiers saw the Princess' eyes had changed to a hue insinuating debauchery and devilry.

She suffered the Lords no courtesies, refused to answer their questions, then, with a wave of her hand, dismissed them. Thereafter began the nightly forays she and her male retinue pursued. They returned through the castle's little used entrance deep within its bowels. Grooms collecting their horses spoke of the men's blood-stained lips and still dripping mouths.

A fortnight passed into a glorious morning witnessing the castle's staff falling to their knees and singing in praise. The Queen emerged from her room hail and hearty, fit and young. Vibrant and smiling. All rushed to kiss her hand and pronounce their undying love. Indeed, the much beloved Queen was loved by none greater than the daughter who had bequeathed her mother youth by sacrificing her soul.

Paradise FF Illustration


This is Gabriella posing before the Gate to Paradise. More on her in a moment.

Paradise is not how you imagine it. No clouds or wispy contrails. No people in long, shapeless robes floating about, gazing upwards, singing in chorus, playing harps. In fact, if you ask an angel if they can play the harp, they just laugh.

Paradise looks very much like here: towns, cities, roads, trees, houses, apartments, stores, neighborhoods. You have good neighbors and not so good neighbors. It's just that nothing bad ever happens there.

No one needs to drive. In Paradise you can be anywhere you want in an instant. But often just for fun people conjure up all kinds of cars and head out for a spin. As you can imagine, they drive at breakneck speeds. Horrific pileups happen all the time. But everybody walks away laughing. As I said, nothing bad happens in Paradise.

Which brings us to Gabriella, who is the daughter of the Archangel Gabriel, guardian of the gates to Paradise. Wait a minute, you say. Archangels have children? Are they having sex? Yeah and they are, but that's another story.

So what do you do with eternity before you and nothing bad ever happens? Well, the latest craze is dressing up and pretending to be badasses. Hold on now. You mean the people in Paradise are spending their time cosplaying?! Yup. Like Gabriella here. She doesn't normally dress like this. But in her case, it's not much of a pretense. She really is a badass, as many a knucklehead who tried to sneak into Paradise has found out the hard way.

What does the Big Guy think of all this? He loves it! After all, besides Lucifer, He's the ultimate badass. And the Seraphim along with the Cherubs are hard at it trying to get Him to dress the part.

How do I know all this? Well, as you might have already guessed, that's another story 😊

A Dragon Holds Court


Sharp, stinging, paralyzing pain snapped me awake. I lifted my head to see a rat's hindquarters jutting out from a hole in my pants. Head buried inside, I felt it's teeth sawing into my shin. Others strained to dislodge the feeder aside and take their turn. With all the fury I could muster, my fist slammed down crushing the rat's hip. Its forelegs still functioning, it emerged with useless rear legs twitching and trembling. Blood and viscera dripped from its whiskers. I watched its strained crawl to follow the ones scattering into the dark.

I stood up in the moonlit alley feeling blood ooze into threadbare socks. Pain chased away sleep's cobwebs. I did not want to look. Still, the wound's continued ache heartened me. Once the rot began to set in, I would feel nothing. I needed to find another place to sleep but first my leg needed tending.

Emerging onto a side lane, I turned and hobbled toward the village's main road. Beneath my cloth shoes, wagon-churned mud squished. Cold water seeping in did nothing to ease the now throbbing ache. Around me nothing moved, everyone slept.

I remember the last time I slept in a bed. My mother roused me in the middle of the night, dragging me away by the arm. My father, standing in the doorway, turned to look over one shoulder, "Out the back. Go! I'll delay them here." I stared wide-eyed at the sword in his hand.

Still clutching my arm, we ran toward the woods she never allowed me to enter alone but had made my playground. She taught me how to climb trees and her face glowed with pride when I would wave down to her. Half way there, she stopped to bend down on one knee and hug me. When she pulled away, I never saw her look as fierce. "Run. Run as fast as you can. Climb a tree, and stay there." Without another word, she turned and sprinted back toward the house. I stood frozen in place. "Mama!"
"Run! Run now! Go!" I never saw her again.

I don't know how long I stayed in that tree. Hunger drives you to many things. Even disobedience. I climbed down walking back home wondering what my punishment would be. When I reached the village, a few others picked among the ruins. I recognized nothing. Later I learned Mongols had destroyed everything, including my parents.

I ate by following dogs, fighting them for whatever scraps they found. Luckily, they did not know how to fight with sticks. I turned onto the main road. At this hour, the tavern might still be open. Alcohol would disinfect my wound. I would exchange any labor they might ask for. Otherwise, I would fight.

I don't know what my parents would think of my life. Beyond my tattered clothing, I had nothing. But I did live life on my own terms. I took nothing from no one and let no one take from me. Still, in the back of my mind, I never escaped the feeling they would be ashamed of me.

As I neared the tavern, the sound of galloping horses swelled. Out of the darkness, three horsemen thundered. They pulled short before the tavern, leaping from their saddles, not bothering to hitch them. One carried a sack. Movement inside made it clear something struggled within. The three burst into the saloon.

I walked past the horses, their foam-flecked sides panted and heaved evidencing a long, hard ride. Expanded nostrils blasted steam plumes into the chilled night air. Pain stabbed my shin as I stepped onto the porch.

Inside, the riders had cleared one end of patrons. No one noted my entrance as I slowly made my way to an empty corner. Protests against the intrusion ceased when one rider plunked the sack on the table and dropped the sides to reveal a dragon.

Shaking itself dog-like from snout to tail, a reptilian head did a slow swivel taking in its captors. Clear as a bell, the dragon's voice broke the tomb-like silence. "You will pay a price for this vile, unspeakable outrage. Even now, my Elder flies to the rescue. When he arrives, all that you see will be burned to the ground. I will soar on the screams of your roasting."
"You know full well that will not happen." retorted the rider. "Capturing you rewards a boon. I demand its fulfillment."

Silence deepened. Not even a cough disturbed it. I and everyone else remained rooted in place. Seconds lengthened. The dragon stood as if turned to stone. "Name your request."
"Mongols camp three days ride from here. They have pillaged, destroyed, raped, and murdered all before them. I demand your Elder guard our province."
"A boon requires a sacrifice. A human sacrifice."
"I will fulfill the sacrifice."

His two brethren stared aghast. Shaking their heads, both moved to restrain him.


The strength and timbre of my voice surprised me. It rebounded off the walls. Command quieted the room. Everyone turned to stare. Never in my life had such clarity and conviction filled my soul.

"Take me."

Jedi Knights

Jedi Knights

I don't come to this museum as often I once did. Mostly because I'm not on my home planet as often.

My mother brought me here as a nine year-old to see the Torellian Tree. Nothing else like it existed and scientists estimated its age at over 7 million years. Adapted to the desert, it could convert sunlight into water and had one other even more curious characteristic.

Anyone near it experienced visions. Some inexplicable, some incoherent, some unfortunate, but most quite clear, detailing imminent good fortune. People from across the galaxy flocked to Torellus VI for a chance to experience a vision.

That tree no longer exists. The Mortonians destroyed it in the Great War of '08. The outrage it sparked changed the war's momentum, eradicating their pestilence from the galaxy. A replica replaced it.

I come to remember but no one else does. I did not think it strange my mother had a private viewing and thougt of her as someone important. She fell into an immediate trance, eyes staring nowhere, humming a low lullaby.

Bored, I looked out the scenic window. What I saw, I will never forget. Two figures emerged from the wastelands. Despite the late afternoon, ambient temperatures hovered around 180°. On they came, fully clothed, at a brisk pace, and straight for the museum. As they neared, I wondered if they might be suffering from sun poisoning.

My eyes widened when they walked through the glass window without breaking it. They strode onward, neither glancing at me. I think back and imagine they might have laughed at the sight of a young boy standing with his mouth open. But when they stepped past, I recognized Light Sabres hanging from their belts - Jedi Knights!

I never saw the two again, though I have searched high and low. I would recognize their faces in an instant. I long for the day I can tell them how they inspired me, now that I too am a Jedi.