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A tremendous thank you to all who have downloaded gigabytes of my sessions: 15,865 downloads to date. Pop over to the 'Contact' page and have a look at the site's statistics. Thank you again, everyone. It's been an ongoing blast !!

And please note. Sessions are listed in upload order, most recent first.

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Bounce Step

Songs: 14 | Time: 51:29 | Size: 70.7mb | DNLs: 0

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Bounce Step
Although some sessions have two tracks simultaneously playing over/under one another, this session highly features that style. By doing so, the organic state of a given song provides a marvelous listening experience. Especially if you like to dance.
Start the party !!
xyz0Songs: 14 | Time: 51:29 | Size: 70.7mb | DNLs: 0xyz00mp3files/BounceStep.mp3

Dance Again
Clubs are hot again, packed again, rocked again. Drums jump the floor, bass shakes the walls. Men and women are joined at the hip and no one is letting go. Especially those who know McFadden & Whitehead. And everyone is dancing again.
Do it, people !!
xyz0Songs: 14 | Time: 46:24 | Size: 63.8mb | DNLs: 88xyz00mp3files/DanceAgain.mp3

Shake Ago
This session is in two places: today and yore. Except for Ashford & Simpson, tremendous classics are remade by artists like Lissat and Hoxtones. Smoke will rise from the dance crowd because this session rocks for an hour.
Party hard, people !!
xyz0Songs: 15 | Time: 1:03:05 | Size: 86.6mb | DNLs: 91xyz00mp3files/ShakeAgo.mp3

Tech Slam
Hard to keep up with the amount of Club pouring out of the studios. Featured here are the likes of Demuir, Jeremy Black, Alessio Bianchi, Morttagua, who are rocking the houses and shaking the floors. Mix in a few classics, step aside for the great Teddy Pendergras, and the Tech is slamming.
Move yourselves !!
xyz0Songs: 14 | Time: 54:36 | Size: 75.0mb | DNLs: 78xyz00mp3files/TechSlam.mp3

High Step
Got a party scheduled? Cleared a space for the high steppers? Newcomers to the site Martin Ikin and Schaller will heat things up and after pausing for a little couple bonding, the pace goes red hot with percussion, drums, and bass adding their sass to the rhythms. Enjoy the party !!xyz0Songs: 17 | Time: 51:14 | Size: 70.4mb | DNLs: 101xyz00mp3files/HighStep.mp3

Power Shock
We open with a funky remake of an INXS classic, drive a beat that powers the floor and shocks the walls, then close with a chess match in Bangkok!! And when the pace slows for a little closeness, if you're not a fan of George Benson, you will be.
Enjoy, everybody !!
xyz0Songs: 15 | Time: 53:44 | Size: 73.8mb | DNLs: 107xyz00mp3files/PowerShock.mp3

Retro Rock
Once again the ladies and the London Gospel Choir (??!!) open front and center before stepping aside for some of Britain's best retro blasts. A sentimental moment gives pause before plunging deep into underground club's dark, driving rhythms. Bring it !!xyz0Songs: 17 | Time: 56:15 | Size: 77.3mb | DNLs: 91xyz00mp3files/RetroRock.mp3

Blow Up
Start with a sizzling pace, take a ride to an enchanted void, weave a little Trance, stir a little Rave, then let newcomer A. Paul rock it back to the House.

Blow it up, people !!
xyz0Songs: 18 | Time: 55:14 | Size: 75.9mb | DNLs: 93xyz00mp3files/BlowUp.mp3

Fast Track
Excepting a moment of remembrance for the Queen of Soul, a rocking, slamming pace is the theme here. Site stalwarts, Christian Fischer and Mark Knight, have the heat turned up, the dancers are on the fast track, and the night awaits.

Groove yourselves !!
xyz0Songs: 15 | Time: 42:49 | Size: 58.8mb | DNLs: 98xyz00mp3files/FastTrack.mp3

Slam Jam
It's a genre mashup with a driving, thumping beat led by newcomers to the site Volkoder, Eric Sneo, David Penn, and Aiden Jude, among others. The pace takes you around a rocking, pulsing dance floor and locks you in. Try it, you'll like it. It's the jam that slams.

Have fun !!
xyz0Songs: 17 | Time: 51:22 | Size: 70.6mb | DNLs: 107xyz00mp3files/SlamJam.mp3

Shake Up
Black Circle, Tyree Cooper, Chanelle, and David Penn make their debuts on this site. Already shaking up the European clubs, their divergent styles have one thing in common: a steady, smoking beat. No trips to yesteryear this session. Only modern club at its very best. Spun tight and rocked heavy.

Enjoy !!
xyz0Songs: 14 | Time: 49:57 | Size: 68.6mb | DNLs: 133xyz00mp3files/ShakeUp.mp3

Besides a brief trip into nostalgia, I limited this session to three genres: Deep House, Techno, Bass & Drums. Still, a hot, rocking beat ties it all together. Don’t come here if you need a quiet, peaceful space. This will leave you unchilled.

Rock yourselves !!
xyz0Songs: 14 | Time: 50:07 | Size: 68.8mb | DNLs: 126xyz00mp3files/UnChill.mp3

Party Hour
Mash up or party? This session does not force a choice. It's got both! Contributions by Octoplex, INXS, and an unbelieveably hawt remake by newcomer Simon Faz set a steamy tempo that won't let up. The move and groove season is upon us so party hard everybody. Time is short.

Enjoy !!
xyz0Songs: 14 | Time: 53:01 | Size: 72.8mb | DNLs: 119xyz00mp3files/PartyHour.mp3

Dawn's Fire
Come span the decades with selected tracks that heat the night and rock the house. Including early R&B, no genre is skipped here. With some well-known, little-known, and unknown artists, everyone will jam with music that has fired the soul since the dawn of club.

Enjoy, everybody !!
xyz0Songs: 17 | Time: 54:20 | Size: 74.6mb | DNLs: 173xyz00mp3files/DawnsFire.mp3

Rock Blast
This session features remakes of tracks that rocked dance floors until dawn. It even has three versions of a monster classic. All without forgetting the new artists keeping that rhythmic beat pulsating.

Blast off, everybody !!
xyz0Songs: 19 | Time: 57:11 | Size: 78.6mb | DNLs: 188xyz00mp3files/RockBlast.mp3

Raw Heat
Did you like 'Wild Times'? This is more of it. It's got everything needed to rock the dance floor. It even has a little Country. But it's not your father's. Get ready for a hot night. And a raw one.

Enjoy yourselves !!
xyz0Songs: 16 | Time: 45:59 | Size: 63.2mb | DNLs: 196xyz00mp3files/RawHeat.mp3

Wild Times
This session raises eclectic to a new level. Rock&Roll (!!) opens before giving way to Club, Percussion, House, Rave, and Dance. Soul ?? How about Bobby Caldwell !!

Wild times, people, wild times !!
xyz0Songs: 16 | Time: 48:03 | Size: 66.0mb | DNLs: 211xyz00mp3files/WildTimes.mp3

Spin Time
We open with a 12" remake of a Chaka Khan classic and a bonus with her producing a new track featuring LeCrae on vocals and Ralphi Rosario mixing the boards. What else? My usual eclectic mix of Club, Rave, Drum, and Bass.

The House is jumping !!
xyz0Songs: 15 | Time: 51:27 | Size: 70.7mb | DNLs: 207xyz00mp3files/SpinTime.mp3

Dance Happens
For those moments when the night darkens, the urge swells, the muscles twitch, and you just have to dance. I mean the blank-your-mind and forget-the-world, kind of dance. When it happens, this is your session.

Enjoy, everybody !!
xyz0Songs: 14 | Time: 51:52 | Size: 71.2mb | DNLs: 219xyz00mp3files/DanceHappens.mp3

Mind Rhythms
Okay, okay. You clamored for a session with no ballad slow downs. Wow! Hard core !! This is yours as the pace smokes throughout with rhythms that blast the mind. Newcomers to the site, John O'Callaghan and Gabriel D'or, had no problems keeping up.

Enjoy, everybody !!
xyz0Songs: 14 | Time: 44:41 | Size: 61.4mb | DNLs: 222xyz00mp3files/MindRhythms.mp3

Dance High
This is a fast-moving session packing 17 tracks of house, drum, trance, and pure club. Newcomer Face presents a classic remake as well as two tracks by Christian Fischer whom we'll be hearing a lot more from.

It's a dance high that won't let you down !!
xyz0Songs: 17 | Time: 49:44 | Size: 68.3mb | DNLs: 229xyz00mp3files/DanceHigh.mp3

High Heat
Ten of this session's tracks are new to the site. And every one is high heat burning through NYC's dance floors. Still, a romantic ballad by a legendary singer provides a breather before the rhythm again pulsates to close wih a hip-swaying, body-shaking tempo.

Don't miss it !!
xyz0Songs: 14 | Time: 47:07 | Size: 64.7mb | DNLs: 228xyz00mp3files/HighHeat.mp3

Club Beats
Despite classics and ballads, this session takes us out to the edges of dance with peeks at Trance and Rave. And as I enjoy doing, it introduces Olivier Giacomotto, Adrina Thorpe, and German Brigante who take the trip but never forget Club's hot, heavy beat. Come on and blast out with us. We'll bring you back.

xyz0Songs: 15 | Time: 49:54 | Size: 68.5mb | DNLs: 249yz00mp3files/ClubBeats.mp3

Dance Spin
A trip through time. A little bit classic, a little bit edgy, a little bit trance, listener favorites, and a whole lot of hot, heavy, house. The beat does not slow down, relentless right to the end. It's a session made for those who understand dance and party are eternal synonyms.

Start it up, people !!
xyz0Songs: 14 | Time: 58:17 | Size: 80.1mb | DNLs: 283xyz00mp3files/DanceSpin.mp3

Fever Spell
Once again a grab bag of genres from then, now, and tomorrow. Don't miss the Pretenders' funky sass and a slight stylisitc change that jumps in and out of tracks faster than floor lights. A hot, fevered spell and a little Flamenco I threw in, just because, makes it a must listen. You'll love it !!

Enjoy, everybody !!
xyz0Songs: 17 | Time: 49:37 | Size: 68.2mb | DNLs: 289xyz00mp3files/FeverSpell.mp3

This session goes everywhere crossing time, genres, styles, and tempo. Even a little blues and something for getting thisclose is in the mix. But everything winds up on a hot dance floor leaving the house enflamed.

Sound the alarm !!
xyz0Songs: 15 | Time: 55:56 | Size: 76.8mb | DNLs: 267xyz00mp3files/EnFlamed.mp3

Lava Heat
Even a touching ballad by the Queen of Soul can't slow this session made to pack the floor at the midnight hour. Soul Rebels blast a remake of a club classic and newcomer Velvet Suite Lounge joins Adrian Hour and Harry Romero to make the house hot - lava hot.

Get your dance on, people !!
xyz0Songs: 15 | Time: 49:09 | Size: 67.5mb | DNLs: 309 xyz00mp3files/LavaHeat.mp3

Rocked Mix
Everything is in this session: club, dance, funk, house, percussion, deep house, rock, and a song titled 'Prisencolinensinainclusol". If you're in a crazy, mixed up, down for anything mood, this is the session made for you !!

Have fun, people !!
xyz0Songs: 15 | Time: 57:01 | Size: 78.3mb | DNLs: 317xyz00mp3files/RockedMix.mp3

Night Pulse
I've included some club classics that still rock the house, a remake by newcomer Charade, and the debut premiere on this site of The Diva herself. It's night and the dance floor pulses.

Dance it up, everybody !!
xyz0Songs: 15 | Time: 50:33 | Size: 69.5mb | DNLs: 324xyz00mp3files/NightPulse.mp3

Hard Pace
Midway through, a little sultry and a little classic dials this session back a bit before resuming a hard pace. If you like your music fast, varied, and mixed this one's for you. And with new stuff from stalwarts Choo Choo Romero and Adrian Hour, the floor is ready to rock.

Enjoy yourselves people !!
xyz0Songs: 14 | Time: 56:07 | Size: 77.1mb | DNLs: 328xyz00mp3files/HardPace.mp3

Body Throb
My most eclectic session yet. Classic remakes, trance, overdubbed R&B, reggae, cutting-edge house, and all held together with a throbbing beat that will rock your body.

Have a blast !!
xyz0Songs: 15 | Time: 52:58 | Size: 72.8mb | DNLs: 351xyz00mp3files/BodyThrob.mp3

Track Burns
As usual, it's a mashup of genres with heavy house, a little trance, deep percussion, classic re-makes, and for those who like to dance close, a torch song.

If you like tracks that burn the dance floor, this one's for you.
xyz0Songs: 13 | Time: 56:44 | Size: 77.9mb | DNLs: 332xyz00mp3files/TrackBurns.mp3

Up Tempo
This is a smart, sassy session with many site favorites and features an Elvis Presley (what??!!) remake. I introduce Siren by Kat Krazy and just because of his first name, Shift Functions by Pjotr G. Dubiosity.

It'll be hard to sit still !!
xyz0Songs: 14 | Time: 51:39 | Size: 71.0mb | DNLs: 337xyz00mp3files/UpTempo.mp3

I had great fun putting this session together. It's my ususal eclectic mix of styles and tempos. Some Adrian Hour, a little Harry Romero, throw in a classic or two, a smoking beat, and you've got a party. A timeless one.

Enjoy yourselves, everybody !!
xyz0Songs: 15 | Time: 55:27 | Size: 76.2mb | DNLs: 328xyz00mp3files/TimeLess.mp3

White Heat
The ladies open this session with newcomer to this site Lisa Shaw and her group Mannix, who set the pace for Niki Haris and Deborah Cox, before giving way to the percussion rhythms that keep the dance floor white hot.

Move yourself !!
xyz0Songs: 15 | Time: 54:29 | Size: 74.8mb | DNLs: 377xyz00mp3files/WhiteHeat.mp3

Break Down
We open with a Rave/Trance start, add it to my ususal eclectic middle, then close to the deep bass rhythms that make midnight so delicious. And introducing newcomer Sébastien Fauvel who harkens back to a classic club sound combined with his own boogie.

Break it down, Sébastien !!
xyz0Songs: 14 | Time: 53:40 | Size: 73.7mb | DNLs: 382xyz00mp3files/BreakDown.mp3

Dance Jam
A ballad eases this session in before the pace blisters into a Dance Jam. Something fresh, something classic. Something city, something country, with newcomers Guti Legatto and Karretero slamming the beat.

Have a ball !!
xyz0 Songs: 14 | Time: 54:04 | Size: 74.3mb | DNLs: 344xyz00mp3files/DanceJam.mp3

Rock Hard
I intended this session to jump the dance floor, and among others a club classic 'You Sexy Thing' remade by Dolce Fuego, burns a steamy lick. Add in newcomers Phonique and David Temessi and a hot jam is underway.

Rock hard, people !!
xyz0 Songs: 14 | Time: 48:35 | Size: 66.5mb | DNLs: 360xyz00mp3files/RockHard.mp3

Down Beat
I came to this session with no plan and so I let the music take me where it wanted. I won't reveal an included surprise—a remake of a club classic with a brand new intro that will leave you guessing. It rocks the oiginal!

As always, it's a mash-up of club genres made for dance. Get your move on !!
xyz0Songs: 14 | Time: 55:17 | Size: 75.9mb | DNLs: 359xyz00mp3files/DownBeat.mp3

Night Blast
If you ever rocked to 'Groove is in the Heart', Gianni Bini featuring Liz Hill, smokes the remake with dazzling vocals and a hot beat. Classics, new stuff, fan favorites, and the usual suspects are gathered to make this a night time blast.

Have fun !!
xyz0Songs: 14 | Time: 48:08 | Size: 66.1mb | DNLs: 364xyz00mp3files/NightBlast.mp3

Dance Hall
This was a fun session. More techno in parts than usual, but still with a hot, heavy beat. The DJ is right in the mix and the Dance Hall is jammed.

With the tremendous response I got to Joe Cocker in 'Street Jam', this one includes the most soulful, touching ballad I've ever heard. Enjoy !!
xyz0Songs: 14 | Time: 50:32 | Size: 69.4mb | DNLs: 359 xyz00mp3files/DanceHall.mp3

Street Jam
Except for a brief, sentimental ballad, I wanted to strip the session down to its raw elements and return to what Club/Dance is all about: tempo, vocals, and beat. Newcomer to this site, Hannah Jones, makes her debut alongside listener favorites Groove Junkies, Sebastian Ledher, and the fast-rising Adrian Hour.

Enjoy !!
xyz0Songs: 14 | Time: 59:23 | Size: 81.6mb | DNLs: 354xyz00mp3files/StreetJam.mp3

Rhythm Heat
The Dark Continent's tribal rhythms form this session's thematic signature. Its percussive riffs can heat a dance floor wanting to be savaged. For contrast, I introduce Adrian Hour and Harry Romero to rock the pace.

And here's to a listener who asked for another mix that included Pompeya's 'Power'. As requested, Ms M. Enjoy !!
xyz0Songs: 15 | Time: 52:16 | Size: 71.8mb | DNLs: 331xyz00mp3files/RhythmHeat.mp3

Late Night
New York clubs have shifts. This session is dedicated to those arriving after 2am. What takes you guys so long?

The mix recipe? Classic R&B, a dash of Funk, pinch of House, a little trance, some Spanish spice for flavoring, let simmer with a big orchestral finish, serve hot.

Yum !!
xyz0Songs: 12 | Time: 51:25 | Size: 70.6mb | DNLs: 361xyz00mp3files/LateNite.mp3

Body Fever
When I put this session together I had in mind the Witchin Hour, when the guys are loose, the women looser and they're daring you to keep them on the dance floor.

It introduces 'Malfunction' by Emok, 'Ride on Me' by 2tooDrums, a really hot lick, and a remake of a classic: 'I'm a Man' by Macho.
xyz0Songs: 11 | Time: 50:04 | Size: 68.8mb | DNLs: 345 xyz00mp3files/BodyFever.mp3

Earth Shake
Ever have the ground move beneath your feet? Load this session up and your legs will! Quake, rattle, and roll are the watchwords here as the dance floor shakes loose.

Don't miss new artist FM Attack who opens with 'Fade Away'.
xyz0Songs: 13 | Time: 51:48 | Size: 71.1mb | DNLs: 321xyz00mp3files/EarthShake.mp3

Floor Moves
This was a fun session with a great blend of genres including R&B, funk, and dance. Sebastian Ledher, fast becoming a listener favorite, brings two numbers that will move the floor: 'Baby Dolly' and 'Secrets'.

As is my wont in introducing undiscovered artists, this one features 'Deep Air' by Eitan Carmi.
xyz0Songs: 13 | Time: 47:06 | Size: 64.7mb | DNLs: 313xyz00mp3files/FloorMoves.mp3

Fire Dance
This was me fooling around, throwing stuff on the wall, seeing what sticks. What emerged is an imaginative session with foot-tapping overdubs and fades.

Following Tom Browne's 'Funkin for Jamaica' is a smokin hot number, 'Power' by the undiscovered group Pompeya.
xyz0Songs: 13 | Time: 50:01 | Size: 68.7mb | DNLs: 311xyz00mp3files/FireDance.mp3

Twice Told
Amidst this session's other madness, classic dance hits are intermingled with their modern interpretations. Groovesplitters' remake of 'Got to be Real' does Cheryl Lynn one better.

And because their appearance in Steam Funk proved so popular, INXS again dubs in, this time with 'Wicked Forest' by Man Machine.
xyz0Songs: 13 | Time: 48:57 | Size: 67.2mb | DNLs: 301xyz00mp3files/TwiceTold.mp3

Steam Funk
Funk and sass opens this session with the crooner himself, Al Green, leading the way. The tempo then goes upbeat featuring Peat Noise steaming the house.
After a sprinkle of trance and rave, INXS makes a surprise appearance dubbed into a funky lick by an artist with the unlikely name of Ace Ventura. It's a treat!
xyz0Songs: 15 | Time: 57:10 | Size: 78.5mb | DNLs: 286xyz00mp3files/SteamFunk.mp3

Time Line
If you close your eyes when this session opens, you'll see Francis at the altar still rocking a packed dance floor at 7 in the morning !!

Don't miss a remake of James Brown's smash, "Too Funky in Here". Hey, James. Open the window !!
xyz0Songs: 14 | Time: 50:55 | Size: 69.9mb | DNLs: 714xyz00mp3files/TimeLine.mp3

Smoke House
Here I introduce three artists leading the resurgence of club throughout Europe: Sebastian Ledher, Funkstar De Luxe, and Groove Junkies.

While giving a nod to some dance classics by the sultry Phyllis Hyman and the shameless Grace Jones, these guys bring their own updated style to that "rhythmic, pulsating beat".
xyz0Songs: 11 | Time: 49:37 | Size: 68.2mb | DNLs: 287xyz00mp3files/SmokeHouse.mp3

Hot Stew
As the title implies, this session is a fusion of R&B, funk, soul, club and even a ballad. With Lolleata Holloway and Little Sister setting the pace, the stage is set to introduce Tony Moran.

And oh yeah. 43rd Street is definitely in the house.
xyz0Songs: 17 | Time: 59:39 | Size: 81.9mb | DNLs: 279xyz00mp3files/HotStew.mp3

Mixed Doubles
This session features a number of the same songs done by different artists and blended with modern dance, techno and deep bass rave rhythms.

For you 43rd Street denizens, don't miss the smoking remake of a Sanctuary classic by Tatjana Orfe featuring a red-hot Jocelyn Brown.
xyz0Songs: 13 | Time: 49:08 | Size: 67.7mb | DNLs: 273xyz00mp3files/MixedDoubles.mp3

Medley Magic
Converted gyms, factories, barns, and churches became hotbeds that burned the dance floors and fueled New York City's underground club scene.

43rd Street veterans will remember Sultana, Olatunji, and Jimmy Castor to name a few. Mixed with some heavy rave, this session will start the party.
xyz0Songs: 15 | Time: 47:09 | Size: 64.8mb | DNLs: 282xyz00mp3files/MedleyMagic.mp3

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